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'All-inclusive', what are the inclusions?

As ‘all-inclusive’ assessments start from just $70 per person per day, living the Storylines lifestyle is comparably priced to major cities worldwide.

    Take your home around the world

    Join a unique residential development, an ‘all-inclusive’ luxury lifestyle, a thriving onboard community. A home slowly exploring the world’s best destinations.

    With ‘all-inclusive’ assessments starting from just $70 per person per day, living the Storylines lifestyle is comparably priced to major cities worldwide.

    Priced lower than the living expense of major global cities, Storylines cruise residences are selling fast. Secure your chance to purchase now - Don't ‘miss the boat’

    The Storylines ‘All-inclusive’ lifestyle represents:

    • 45 beautifully designed resident lounges
    • Private kitchen facilities, perfect for entertaining
    • All meals available in 20 multicultural dining venues
    • Beverages including select wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, coffees, juices, blends
    • 24-hour room service
    • Fast Internet and Wi-Fi throughout the ship
    • Dozens of kitchen areas to prepare food yourself
    • Premium satellite television
    • Laundry pick-up wash & fold service, and/or self-service laundry
    • Gym, fitness facilities, recreational and sporting equipment 
    • Oceanside marina precinct with direct water access & watercraft
    • Yoga studio, chapel, artist studio, & many unique leisure areas
    • A world of activities, events, sports, arts, performances, music, dancing, exercise
    • Hobby areas from fishing and tackle to golf and digital driving ranges 
    • Checkup and wellness visits with the onboard doctor, trainers and nutritionists
    • All onboard service gratuities
    • Fuel, port taxes, docking fees, and insurances
    • Upkeep of vessel to 5-star standards
    • Stylishly decorated spaces to live in surrounded by inspiring art and fresh food gardens  
    • A new billion dollar view from your balcony every week!

    And of course...

    • Highly professional onboard service and technical support teams
    • Insurance for homes, contents, and liability
    • Financial reserves for unforeseen repairs or expenses

    So you can enjoy your planet in style, from the comfort of your own home.

    Take a moment to imagine the reality of:

    • Waking up late and enjoying breakfast with a billion-dollar-view to-die-for. 
    • House-keeping cleaning your room as you enjoy a quick morning swim in the sunshine. 
    • Meeting up with friends who have decided to skip onboard activities for the day to explore the local markets for some exotic specialities. 
    • Returning to your Global Residence in the afternoon for a well deserved siesta and some pampering in the onboard Spa and Wellness Centre
    • Choosing from 20 restaurants onboard to dine - Picking something light such as champagne and oysters on the balcony, before you head out dancing with the locals you met at the markets
    • Living like a local, listening to a live local band until the early morning hours, making memories with new friends as you dance under the stars 
    • Returning to your global residence aboard and falling into bed, being enveloped  in crisp white sheets as you contemplate the day with sore feet and a huge smile 
    • Thinking ‘Tomorrow I will do nothing but enjoy lazing by the pool and ordering room-service - maybe a foot massage at the Spa - Mmmm yes’. Just perfect!

    As a Storylines resident, this kind of life is available to you - Every Single Day!