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Will Storylines have an interim vessel I can live on before the new ship is completed?

Come sailing with Storylines on a residential cruise ship before the new vessel is completed construction.

Storylines realize that the new build ship is for many a long time away, so to combat this we will offer a short term solution by way of an interim vessel to take all those who want to sail and start living the Storylines experience sooner. Once the main vessel is sold and by around mid-2020, we will put out an offer (only for future residents) to join in on this ship. With the actual numbers of people wanting to do this, we will charter a suitable ship for this purpose. 


This ship, of course, won't have all the lifestyle offerings that make Storylines what it is, however, we will have the same itinerary, and some modifications in the public spaces to make it more akin to what you will enjoy on your new ship in 2023. It will be a great opportunity for those on board to help fine-tune some of the lifestyle and amenities which will help make the new build just hat much better when that time comes.


This ship will sail from an undisclosed port and complete its journey with us at the port or yard of delivery of the new ship so you will be able to just simply transfer over without any hassle.


This will ONLY be available for future residents.


The pricing of this option will not be affected by your unit purchase, they will be treated as 2 separate offers IE: one does not affect the other.


The time frame to action a vessel in this manner could be as quick as a couple of months, but it will really be dependent on the numbers of people wanting to do this as it will dictate the vessel we get for the charter.


Q. Are there going to be any vessels ready to charter for this?
A. Yes, there are always many different size and specification cruise vessels ready to be chartered, some at extremely short notice.