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What is the itinerary?

Our maiden itinerary is a 1000 day circum-navigation of the globe visiting 6 continents

Storylines Residential Cruising cruise slowly, spending 3-5 days in each port. This allows plenty of time to explore, engage and feel at home. Our maiden itinerary is a 1000 day circumnavigation of the globe visiting 6 continents! Subsequent itineraries will be decided by our residents voting with the itinerary app.
Uniquely, as an owner of the ship, you always have input into what happens next. This means our residents can vote to stay longer in their favorite destinations or agree to avoid bad weather and change some destinations.
Taking over a month to skirt the Italian coast, means adventures like hiring a car and touring the Tuscany region for a few days before rejoining your home at sea, can be a spontaneous decision.
Come and go as you please, you are at home! 

The extended time in each port allows you to find your favorite coffee shop, see all of the sights at your own pace, and make new friends in exotic locations.


To view a sample itinerary, click here.