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Storylines Opens New Offices in Europe

The EU location will be the base for everything related to ship design and construction

WROCLAW, Poland (April 22, 2021) -- Storylines residential ship line announces the opening of new offices in Europe in conjunction with a corporate partnership with Tillberg Design of Sweden. It will be the base for everything related to ship design and construction. The offices are 350m2, situated on the top floor of a LEED certified building with a 150m terrace overlooking the picturesque city of Wrocław in southwestern Poland. The city was voted a European Capital of Culture in 2016, and is considered up-and-coming in the field of IT, boasting a thriving start-up and incubator environment. Juxtaposed with Wrocław's Gothic and Baroque architecture, it is an ideal hub for Storylines' next steps.

"We're expanding further," said founder and co-CEO Shannon Lee. "This is a time of enormous growth for Storylines and we have our industry partners to thank for that. We are honored to be working alongside Tillberg Design of Sweden, the leading ship design firm in the industry,"  he continued.  

Condo ship offices in Europe with seating areas and work stations

The location in Central Europe was chosen to position Storylines near our design partners and also our shipyard in Croatia. One of the main benefits is in saving time and travel."We can sit down with Tillberg for design meetings in person and make decisions in real-time,"said project manager Dr Paul Read."Our new state-of-the-art office has all the technological advances we required as a global organization on the forefront of sustainable ship design,"he continued. The location also helps in expanding beyond the American market to reach a European clientele base. In addition to the team overseeing ship design and construction, our technology and innovation teams are also working from this space and itinerary planning will be done from our European office as well. 

Office balcony with dining chairs and lounge chairs overlooking the city of Wroclaw Poland


About Storylines

Storylines is creating an all-inclusive ocean residence and a way of life that is attracting adventure seekers looking for immersive cultural experiences on a global scale. A conscientious community with an enthusiastic approach to living, residents will travel the globe. With an average of three to five days in each port, experiential learning is integrated into curated itineraries and immersive shore excursions. Additionally, Storylines brings each destination to life onboard with enrichment programs, spa services that feature local elements, and a signature culinary atrium with regional dishes inspired by each port of call.

The Ship

The ship features fully furnished residences ranging from 237 sq. ft. to 2411 sq. ft., priced from $300,000 to more than $8 million. Residents and invited guests have the opportunity to live a sustainable life of luxury and freedom while at sea. Owners have the option to make their unit available through the Storylines rental program.

Positioned as the greenest ship in the market, Storylines MV Narrative utilizes LNG fuel along with innovative reusable energy technologies and energy storage and recovery systems. The ship also includes a waterfront marina, microbrewery, art studio, hydroponic gardens, and more. 

Interview requests: Sandy Ware | sandy@storylines.com | +1-813-567-8679 www.storylines.com/press