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Our six step process

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Core Values

#1 Storylines Minutes

Because life moves very fast in Storylines, the 'Storylines Minute' was born. What we do in one minute, takes others days or weeks to do.

#5 Progress over perfection

The 80/20 rule allows us to move fast and get things done

#9 Never build anything from scratch

With 8 billion people on earth, someone has probably already created what you are doing. Find it, use it, model it, learn from it.

#2 Everything is URGENT. Only some things are important

A phone ringing is urgent, but not always important. Be prepared to tell someone no, not now.

#6 Grow 1% every day

Once it's done, improve upon it to reach the desired level of perfection.

#10 Urgency and consistency

Moving fast doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. Get it right, again and again.

#3 Remember s!#t. Create a system

Moving as fast as we do, things may get lost in the mix or in translation. Write stuff down if you ever want to come back to it later.

#7 Work smarter and harder

Do just what you are good at and outsource the rest. Get more done in less time.

#11 Pick up the phone

In an instant messaging world, we sometimes forget to speak to people. Get the answer now in one 2 min call instead of 50 messages over 3 days.

#4 Be nimble, always

Our success is based on our ability to adapt. This must never change.

#8 Details matter

Do your research first, know what you are doing, do it once and do it well.

#12 Random acts of kindness

Impromptu personal or group rewards create a better workplace and lifestyle for everyone.