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Eating Well is Always Part of the Story

Food is undoubtedly a defining aspect of who we are, and by sharing it we also share our origins and cultures. A myriad of diverse food choices and sumptuous cuisines abound — bringing us closer to each other and the cultures we explore.

Fine Dining

Multiple Dining Venues

Specialty Coffee

Fine Wine Selection


Diverse Food Choices

20 Dining & Bar Concepts


Food defines us. It represents our culture and origin. It brings us together. Aboard the M/V Narrative, a myriad of diverse food choices and sumptuous cuisines abound.

 Our Culinary Experience Atrium soaring  across three decks, offers unique cuisines from around the world and a selection of unique dining experiences.

From your neighborhood bistro to haute cuisine in a fine dining environment, it is your choice, always. Enjoy the casual elegance of our selection of restaurants, dine out under the stars, or order home delivery and remain in the comfort of your residence.

As part of our extensive menus, you will experience the best of local tastes from every destination - with thoughtful preparation at the heart of every dish, unlimited beverages and options to accommodate your individual food preferences and dietary needs.


Inclusions for All Residents

All meals at more than 20+ unique dining venues
All beverages including select wine, beer and spirits
Fast Wi-Fi internet throughout the ship
24-hour home meal delivery
Use of "Chef's Table" culinary entertainment areas
45 resident lounges and kitchens facilities
Premium satellite television
All onboard service gratuities
Onboard activities and events
Laundry pick-up wash & fold
Self-service laundry on each owner deck
Visits with on-board physician
Yoga, Tai Chi, fitness classes and full use of gym facilities
Highly professional onboard service and technical support crew
All vessel fuels and maintenance 
Fees associated with berthing the vessel at port
Upkeep of vessel to 5-star plus environment
Financial reserves for unforeseen repairs or expenses

The Innovative Chef's Table Market

Living afloat doesn't mean you have to give up your love of cooking. The vessel's Chef’s Table Market brings you a selection of the freshest regional ingredients available for your preparation in any one of our Resident Galleys. Pick up ingredients to make your special dish, or experiment with the local specialty items we feature at every port. It’s a perfect way to entertain guests and share time with your neighbors on board.