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Wellness & Longevity

At Storylines, global living and wellness is a way of life. We intertwine longevity principles and blue zone habits into an adventurous and holistic lifestyle. Lead a longer, healthier, and happier life with Storylines.

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The Next Blue Zone

At Storylines, wellness is not a retreat,
it’s a way of life.

Informed by blue zones, Storylines embodies a wellness-focused global lifestyle, addressing key elements like an active lifestyle, positive outlook, wise eating, and a thriving community. Passionate about enhancing both lifespan and quality of life, we enable residents aboard our private ship to live healthier, happier, and longer lives while traveling the world.  Onboard medical research will be centered around this question:

Could MV Narrative be the next blue zone?

Actıve Lifestyle

The Storylines global lifestyle is designed for an optimal state of health and longevity.

On MV Narrative, residents explore global wonders, staying active with walks, hikes, swims, cycling, and kayaking in exotic ports. This complements an active lifestyle onboard with the world’s largest at-sea wellness center, a marina, gym, tenpin bowling, and sports deck, including pickleball, volleyball, and basketball courts, yoga spaces, and a running/walking track encircling the ship. Personal trainers are available to tailor fitness programs and to keep yourself accountable.

Wellness Center

The first-of-its-kind wellness center at sea serves as a private sanctuary to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

The expansive 10,000-square-foot center aboard our ship features gym facilities, yoga rooms, a lap pool, group fitness classes, on-demand digital private classes, private trainers, relaxation pods, a steam room, infrared saunas, and hydrotherapy. Residents can craft immersive experiences in a zen room, choosing scents, lights, and digital content for activities like yoga, dance, stretching, aerobics, movement, meditation, and breathing exercises. Personal wellness coaches customize fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs to align with individual health goals.

Spa, Salon & Barber

There’s nothing quite like self-care to replenish the body and soul.

Pamper yourself at the luxurious spa, where a plethora of indulgent options await. Choose from traditional massages, an array of facials, and specialty treatments designed to rejuvenate and relax. Explore high‑quality beauty products to enhance your self‑care routine. Additionally, our Salon and Barber services cater to your grooming needs, offering everything from wash, cut, and blowout services to coloring, styling, nails, waxing, makeup application, and specialized treatments for men's grooming. Embrace the blue zone habit of downshifting by taking regular time out in the spa, salon and barber.

Water Sports

Stay active outdoors and in the sea with a ‘follow the sun’ itinerary.

Discover the thrill of the open sea with our ship's marina, offering direct access to pristine waters in idyllic bays across the globe. Take advantage of complimentary water sports equipment, including paddleboards, kayaks, sailing dinghies, snorkel gear, scuba gear, and surfboards. Whether you're a seasoned water enthusiast or a novice eager to explore, our marina provides the perfect platform for aquatic adventures, making every journey an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the world's oceans.


A voyage to vitality: utilizing dietary advantages and the world’s first solar-powered vertical farm at sea.

Inspired by the harvest, our farm-to-table restaurant on the ship curates an organic, fresh menu, complemented by daily sea catches and sustainably sourced produce from global farmers' markets. Drawing from the Blue Zone, Pritikin, and Mediterranean diets, our offerings focus on whole foods, plant-based choices, low-fat options, and heart-healthy ingredients. In our commitment to well-being, Storylines initiates novel research to explore nutritional impacts on health and longevity.


Mindset is one of Storylines’ founding principles and it’s also a key element of the blue zones.

Relaxation is part of an intentional lifestyle as people move beyond stress and make different choices that positively impact their health. Having the right outlook includes having a sense of purpose, working less, slowing down, staying positive and being mindful as part of a healthy lifestyle. Storylines encourages rest and relaxation and provides support for mental and emotional well-being.


The cornerstone of wellness and longevity is having a sense of community.

This is a major contributing factor to the vast number of octogenarians in the blue zones. No matter where we are in the world, the ship’s residents always have a thriving community of neighbors to connect with and support each other.

Optimal Aging Clinic

The ship’s residents have access to a doctor specializing in functional medicine and anti-aging.

MV Narrative's Chief Health Officer, Dr. Brian Martin, blends Eastern and Western medical practices with cutting-edge innovations for optimal living and aging. Residents benefit from advanced treatments such as peptides, proactive technology, IV therapies (neutraceuticals), advanced testing, genetic testing, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, platelet-rich plasma injection (PRP), intravenous chelation therapy, detoxification, vitamin injections, and cosmetic solutions like Botox. Dr. Martin's goal is to help residents extend their lifespan and enjoy optimal health and vitality through these progressive interventions.

Medical Research

A controlled setting for groundbreaking research.

Our private residence ship offers a controlled setting for meticulous monitoring of participants' diet, health, and lifestyle, eliminating common challenges in nutritional studies. Storylines researchers, tracking a cohort over an extended period, aim to observe nutrition's effects on aging biomarkers, chronic diseases, and overall health. Leveraging wearable technology and data analytics, we enable real-time health monitoring, collecting data on physical activity, sleep quality, memory, libido, energy, and more. This research integrates cutting-edge technologies to contribute valuable insights into holistic well-being.

Medical Facilities and Services

Storylines parnter with Vikand, the leading medical services provider for the cruise industry.

MV Narrative's hospital, akin to small land-based clinics, adheres to international healthcare and ISO standards, surpassing ACEP requirements. Alongside a compounding pharmacy and evacuation helipad, residents access a comprehensive healthcare team—doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dental care, nutritionists, physiotherapists, mental health experts, and alternative treatments. This preventive approach, inclusive of services like weight loss, physical therapy, dietary planning, acupuncture, emotional support, immune therapies, and genomics, fosters better quality of life and longevity. Annual wellness checks are included in residents' fees, ensuring holistic health assessments.


A word from Storylines Chief Health Officer,
Dr. Brian Martin.

Storylines offers a groundbreaking approach to well-being, combining Blue Zone habits, mental health support, bioidentical hormone therapies and much more. Here, wellness is a lifestyle, not a goal. By combining diverse physical activities, mindfulness and optimal aging treatments; our residents have a built-in proactive and holistic health model that fosters transformative health and contributes to longevity.