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Global Citizens

The Storylines Luxury Global Lifestyle attracts people from all generations and all walks of life who have the freedom to travel and want to live authentically as responsible citizens of the world

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You create amazing things with an unyielding vision as your guide. You're an optimist, a risk-taker and a team-builder with a spirit that never quits.

"We will continue our business and find a beautiful new life balance between work, travel and contribution. We look forward to experiencing new cultures and finding ways to give back to our world. " ~Matt in Nevada

Solo Travelers

It's not just about traveling alone. Solo travelers enjoy advantages that others don’t, and these differences enrich your experiences in a unique way.

"The biggest fear I have as a single woman is losing that sense of community that drives our lives. People are finding clever ways to nurture community, and I have found mine in Storylines." ~Suzanne in California

Traveling Families

You're a closely-knit tribe bound by love, respect and shared experiences. You believe in the positive impact global travel can have on a child's education through worldschooling.

“We’re most excited about learning together as a family from hands-on life experiences in the real world.” ~ Mark in England

Liveaboard Sailors

You're a stargazer, a dream chaser and you love to travel the world on your terms. The endless sea is your home and the path to adventure is all around you.

"Being able to live permanently in a condominium that is moving around the world without us having to stand watches and perform constant maintenance on the boat is extra appealing. ~ Bob in Panama

Remote Working Executives

You work remotely and can run business operations wherever there's a Wi-Fi connection. Independence is your driving force in a life without borders.

"Living and working aboard MV Narrative allows me the freedom to immerse in different cultures and environments and learn more about the world and myself in the process." ~Christy in Australia

Early Retirees

You've lived life within your means, made wise investments and kept a keen eye toward the future. Transitioning into early retirement is one of the most rewarding choices you've ever made.

"This is more than just a vacation, this is home. When you travel as often as we have in retirement, you realize that there’s a lot of hard work and logistical planning involved. With Storylines, you don’t have to worry about any of that.” ~ Cynthia from Virginia


You're an inquisitive lover of cultures, a compassionate humanitarian and a global citizen that can find your comfort zone anywhere in the world.

"We weighed our current lifestyle, living as expatriates in Ecuador and traveling every year on world cruises against the Storylines version of a global lifestyle. We embraced the founders' vision for a future as residents not passengers...owners with a voice." ~Cheri in Ecuador.