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Storylines Global Academy

A Worldschooling Education

World travel. Cultural immersion. International languages. Global citizenship. Storylines facilitates a global education that combines real-world learning, academics, exploration, inquiry, nature immersion and interest based learning.

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Field Studies

Immersive & culturally rich learning environments

From animal sanctuaries to marine biology and living history events, our students learn by doing. They visit rich learning environments such as geological, historical and architectural sites. They learn ancient history in Egypt, attend classical music concerts in Vienna, experience the most famous art works in Rome and study astronomy under the darkest of skies while at sea. Field trips are (arguably) the most interesting part of traditional school and (interestingly) the most important part of worldschooling.

Small Group Learning

Four cohorts

Our teachers are selected for their hands-on teaching style and compassionate communication skills. They excel in providing an experiential, living education out in the real world. In our student-centered approach to worldschooling, each individual is on a personalized learning path, receiving instruction at their own skill level and learning at their own pace. Small group pods focus on project based learning about the regions we travel to, incorporating multiple subjects in their studies.


Project based learning comes to life

Local naturalists, historians, musicians, chefs and artisans teach these multi-age group workshops on the ship and on shore. Students learn about each region through the handicrafts, cooking and music of the local culture. They participate in hands-on workshops such as nature photography, science & engineering, service learning, events with local kids and interactive demonstrations. Our students have the unique opportunity to learn from people all around the world as part of their worldschooling education.

Clubs & Extracurriculars

Interest based learning

Our wide selection of extra-curricula clubs and classes includes a book club, chess club, amateur astronomy, fiber arts, scouting, robotics, cooking, coding, piano, languages and Model UN. Students are welcome to form their own interest-based clubs. Do you have a Minecraft or Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast in the family? Encourage them to start a club or teach a class so others can join the fun. With a worldschooling education, students have the time to follow their passions.


Accredited Global School

Ours is the world's first globally traveling accredited school. Our curriculum is competency-based and can be done on the ship or in a land-based home. There is a lot of flexibility built in to the program to allow traveling families to make their own schedule for their academic pursuits while still having the time to explore their world and follow their individual pursuits.


Support for individual learning paths

The advisor supports the teachers, assists students, provides resources for students with learning differences or gifted talents, advises on tutoring, mentorships & internships, and provides college counseling. The advisor can provide learning supplies including books for all reading levels, math manipulatives, science experiments and educational games.

Physical Education

Staying active. Having fun.

Sports, fitness, health and wellness are among the core Storylines principles. The ship has many amenities for fun physical activities. Running, yoga, swimming, kayaking, sailing, hiking, windsurfing, golf, paddle boarding, cycling, racquet sports, volleyball, basketball and surfing are among the athletics offered through our worldschooling youth education program.

Service Learning

There will be many opportunities for volunteering around the world. Storylines' resource advisor can assist your student in assessing their interests and goals, and help facilitate service learning opportunities in various destinations. Some students may want to volunteer with animals, hospitals, food security, vulnerable youth, schools, donating supplies, beach clean-ups, tree planting and many other options depending on their age and interests.

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