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Taking You from One Magnificent Tale to the Next

Rediscover your passion for exploration with a community of like-minded residents pursuing a healthy and active life of adventure and freedom

Onboard Library

Onboard Guest Lectures

Many of us have placed a bookmark in our plans for adventure to build a career, care for children or aging parents, or simply to pursue other interests that have had us temporarily pausing part of our story—often the one we’ve dreamed of most. 
Storylines was created for global travelers to rediscover their deep passion for exploration by creating an onboard community in which residents are encouraged to live a healthy, active life with freedom to roam the world.  A life enjoying unique, memorable and life-changing experiences for the next fulfilling chapter. Welcome to your Global Residence.

Cinema & Performance Theater

From education to entertainment, enjoy your own theater onboard. Attend a lecture, watch a performance, or see what's playing on the big screen.

Local Talent Onboard

Every day is a new opportunity to become immersed in a different culture, as we bring local talent on board to create intimate and interactive experiences.