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Curated Experience Trips

Brand ambassadors travel the world in search of unforgettable experiences in order to curate and promote unique trips to share with other passengers aboard our unique private residence ship

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Storylines’ community seeks more than sitting idle on a ship. Part of the joy of the curated trips we offer our residents is to meet new people in new areas, to enjoy the culture and get to know the locals. It’s in the discovery that the true beauty of the world unfolds.

Country Benefits

Storylines residential ship brand ambassadors on a curated trip to Spain

We promote touring into less common areas of countries to an audience of wealthy global travelers who are citizens of the world with an interest in sustainable travel and giving back to communities.

Media N

Joint media opportunities including press releases, blog posts, emails to our database and social media outreach to promote each country.

Market stall

By encouraging traveling 'off the beaten path,' income is spread throughout a wider selection of small businesses within each country we visit.


The Storylines lifestyle is far more than hopping from one vacation to another. The journey IS the lifestyle. The excursions that are taken off the ship are an extension of that life. It may sometimes feel like a vacation, but the interaction of meeting people from around the globe is the daily norm and part of a global lifestyle.

Storylines Objectives

These types of familiarization trips have proved to be not only informative but also vital to producing the quality excursions our ship’s residents expect from the Storylines global experience. We have three main objectives on the visit:

  1. Use the group’s combined experience to source destinations, hotels, restaurants, tours, museums, and experiences across your country in order to curate unique excursions for residents and guests of MV Narrative.
  2. Storylines representatives meet with port managers and industry contacts in order to work together on port assessments for suitability, vendor partnerships and negotiations.
  3. Document and promote the brand ambassadors’ experiences on the visit to provide all organizations involved with amazing materials that convey how truly wonderful and unique each country is!


Gone are the days where traveling felt stressful or rushed; where you followed a little tour group flag for a two hour mini-taste of a new, exciting port or city. Storylines curated experiences provide the opportunity to get off the beaten path to explore new surroundings, where the experiences outshine any itinerary.

Past Familiarization Tour

Philippines Resident Curated Experiences

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Keeping in line with the Storylines Guiding Principles, this was the first trip for Storylines brand ambassadors to personally curate experiences for all our future residents to enjoy.

By invitation from the Department of Tourism in the Philippines, a group of future residents and media embarked on an epic journey full of adventures. 

The fourteen days were packed with amazing activities such as hiking an active volcano in Talisay, visiting one of the seven wonders of nature - the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, a river cruise in Loboc, seeing the chocolate hills (which look similar to Hershey’s kisses) and visiting a tarsiers sanctuary in Bohol.

The Storylines group also visited the Eskaya community in Cantaob, Sierra Bullones. They are a small tribe of just a few thousand that live in the mountains of Bohol who believe that people originated from a butterfly called Pinya Paypay Pling. We donated e-readers for the village library as well as backpacks full of school supplies.

The two weeks spent together as a group lead to friendships for life and a longing to share the experience and spread the word about the exciting adventures that await in the Philippines.


One of the highlights of being a part of the Storylines community is giving back. We all have a responsibility to participate in making the world a better place and we do this by helping, donating and serving. Our mission is to be active participants, not just on the ship, but also on land when visiting new ports.


Every trip we host includes a special philanthropic experience. The Storylines name is synonymous with contribution, and sharing the beauty of giving back to others with our residents is a huge part of our core principles.

Past Familiarization Tour

Andalucia Spain Resident Curated Experiences

Spain Trip Brochure


Storylines organically attracts like-minded individuals who share the same positive mindset and philosophy that our core principles describe. Building this community of individuals who are keen to discover, contribute and participate is the main vision and it continues to grow.

Global Citizenship

Our community is honored to have the opportunity to live the lifestyle Storylines offers, and this shines through on our journeys. During our special curated trips to countries around the world, we humbly appreciate everyone we meet, realizing that we’re all connected. When we recognize that we're no longer a tourist but rather a global citizen, there’s a warmth and comfort in greeting new neighbors from across the globe.

This ticks all the boxes. Slow travel. Sustainability. Responsibility. Inclusive lifestyle. Like-minded residents. And best of all, it’s all done from the safety and comfort of my own home

Tracy of New York

Its a perfect way to see the world and work at the same time. The best ocean front beach house in the world!

Gianfranco of Rhode Island

Beautiful ship, awesome customer service, I already feel a part of the Narrative. It’s going to be a great new chapter in my life.

Kim of Utah