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Our Vision

The Guiding Principles of the Storylines Experience

New beginnings. New chapters. Great Stories.


We don’t cruise. We discover.

We plan our destinations as we leisurely travel the world, stopping for 3-5 days in our chosen ports. We set our own pace, immersing ourselves in local culture or allowing the simple beauty of the surroundings to inspire a relaxing respite in a new locale.


We aren not a vacation. We are a lifestyle.

Our ship is our home. It’s full of getaways and experiences we curate to suit our tastes and desires. We relax by the pool, help out on the ship, or attend to our individual business. We live in the style of our own making.


We don't have itineraries. We have experiences.

Ours is the most interactive cruising experience in the world. Each leg of our ongoing journey is designed with community input, and we make extensive use of latest technologies that ensure we make the most of each experience.


We don’t observe. We participate.

We do as much, or as little, as we please. We tend to our gardens, help plan our journey, prepare a special interest talk or special meal for our friends.


We don’t consume. We contribute.

It’s about giving more and taking less. On and off the ship, philanthropy and sustainability are central to all we do. From slower fuel-saving speeds and growing our own food, to taking part in local cultures, we travel with intention to make a positive footprint along the way.


We aren’t a demographic. We’re a mindset.

Our storyline is one of positive people doing positive things. A conscientious community with an enthusiastic approach to living, we are driven to do some good while we learn and grow as human beings—and have a lot of fun doing it.


We aren’t guests on the ship. We own it.

It’s not just our cabin; it’s also our vessel. We are members of a community with a say in most of what happens onboard and in choosing where our journey takes us.

Global Citizenship

We aren’t tourists. We’re citizens of the world.

Finally, a place we can call our own - Earth. We are no longer tied to just one place. The ship is our home, where we live the life we always told ourselves we would, could, and should have.