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Affiliate Referral Program

Cruise ship residences are creating a huge impact on the real estate, retirement and luxury travel industries. Receive commissions simply by referring Storylines to your contacts

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Real Estate

Purchasing a cruise residence is similar to any property. Provide an exciting addition to your listings and a topic for engaging conversations whilst earning large commissions.

Travel Groups

Regular cruisers are often very excited at the opportunity to live on a cruise ship. Offer your client base a high valued product and receive commissions to match.


Owning a Storylines cruise residence provides fantastic investment return, as well as fixed price living options in all price ranges; while you receive high commissions for referrals.

Property Developers

We have a package suitable for your next development. Set yourself apart from the others and increase revenues, exposure, sales prices and close rates.

Blog and Travel Writers

We want to hear from you. Cruise residences and surrounding words are highly valued search phrases with huge readership potential. Check out our media page for the best stories and information.

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