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Luxury lifestyle residential development, slowly cruising the world from the comfort of home.

Cruise ship residences are poised to make a huge impact on the real estate, retirement, luxury travel industries.

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Increased Public Interest


Organic searching for cruise residences is increasing as the public are slowly becoming aware of this new lifestyle option and its price comparisons to land-based living.


Real Estate

Your clients are probably already looking at our products. We consider ourselves as a real estate offering more than anything else. You'll be surprised by the response you'll get from your clients.

Travel Groups

A logical step in your sales channel providers, we can offer a high valued product with commissions to match. Have you ever asked your cruise clients if they would live on a ship?


People are always looking for the next thing to do as they progress in stages of their lives. When it is less about things and more about experiences, this is the only option you need to investigate.

Property Developers

We have a package suitable for your next development. Set yourself apart from the others and increase revenues, exposure, sales prices and close rates.

Blog and Travel Writers

We want to hear from you. Cruise residences and surrounding words are highly valued search phrases with huge readership potential. Check out our media page for the best stories and information.

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