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Entry level balcony

RU 1.2 Breeze (balcony)

Enjoy sea breezes from this compact and affordable residence

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RU 1.2 Breeze 334 sq ft - From $480,626

Found on Decks 6 and 7 are Storylines most affordable residences. The Breeze is spaciously designed so you can experience a comfortable life aboard. Available as both an internal and external configuration, the internal option includes a digital screen window with frame displaying any number of live scenes from the many onboard CCTV cameras. The external option features a large 14-foot wide balcony for natural light and fresh sea breezes in your home each day.
The furnishings are all designed to be flexible. The murphy bed can fold up out of the way during the day so you can have sofa couch in its place. The TV can swivel to view while snuggling on the couch or laying in bed. The plan also includes a table and work station. Enjoy a bathroom suite with full shower, plus loads of thoughtful storage space throughout. Choice of style options. Available in one bedroom and two bedroom configurations.
RU 1 Day View *Sample only: Choice of interior design styles
RU 1 Night View *Sample only: Choice of interior design styles
RU2 Bathroom *Sample only: Choice of interior design styles
Typical balcony, RU4 shown *Sample only: Choice of interior design styles
Deck 6 of deck plans for condo ship MV Narrative
Deck 6 on deck plans for residential cruise ship
Floor plan for apartment on a residential showing the layout of furniture, rooms and balcony
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