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Storylines University

Storylines supports your thirst for knowledge with its very own on-board curriculum, designed to provide ongoing education and enrichment for residents


Onboard facilitators and experts in several fields share their knowledge and experience.


As an extension of our Storylines University on board, the opportunity for learning is broadened by the most robust enrichment programs afloat. Storylines University experiences are also available on shore and are designed to take you on a deep dive into whatever places, attractions or events you choose to explore.


Lectures by Local Authorities

Storylines will deliver series of unique lectures and discussions presented aboard ship and ashore. Whether focusing on history, arts and culture, business and finance, we bring on local authorities on these subjects in a unique unprecedented learning program.

Onboard Facilitators

Learn from onboard facilitators and experts in several fields, paying us a visit to eagerly share their knowledge, passion and experience.