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Enrichment Programs

Storylines supports your thirst for knowledge by providing ongoing education and enrichment for resident owners, featuring workshops, lectures, classes and clubs


Onboard facilitators and experts in various fields share their knowledge and experience.


The opportunity for learning is broadened by one of the most robust enrichment programs afloat. We bring on local experts to share their knowledge and we curate experiences on the ship and ashore that are designed to take you on a deep dive into whatever places, attractions or events you choose to explore.


Lectures by Local Experts

Storylines arranges unique lectures and discussions which are presented aboard the ship and ashore. Whether focusing on history, arts and culture, or business and finance, we bring on local experts to present their area of expertise in our exemplary learning program.

Onboard Facilitators

In addition to lectures, we provide hands-on, project based learning opportunities in a variety of fields from facilitators and experts who pay us a visit to share their knowledge, passions and experiences.