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Guest at Sea Program

Allow your cruise residence to work for you while you are away. Should you choose, you may make your residence available for rent through our Storylines Guest at Sea program - offsetting the cost of ownership.

The Simple Process

  • Notify Storylines when you would like your cruise residence rented out.
  • Storylines will provide suitable guests, or you can nominate someone yourself.

Highest Rental Return

  • Storylines’ unique style of cruising - taking 3 to 7 days in the best global destinations, combined with a residential atmosphere, have created strong demand for our minimum 3 month cruise segments.
  • Rental prices are benchmarked upon current world cruise prices and demand.
  • Guests receive all of the inclusions provided to all residents.
  • World cruises and cruises over 3 months sell out more than a year in advance and command a high daily rate. 
  • It is estimated that a rental period of 6 months per year may cover the total annual assessment fees, meaning low or no outgoing costs to cruise residence owners.

Storylines Handles Everything For You

  • All marketing and advertising
  • All aspects of booking process
  • All maintenance and upkeep
  • Full home and contents insurance
  • Separate storage aboard for some of your personal items
  • Plus a highly trained team of cruise industry professionals to ensure smooth sailing

Caring For Our Onboard Community

As we are a residential community, guests who are not friends or family of residents, may only join the Storylines journey for 3-month or longer segments. In this way, we maintain the continuity and comfort for all residents. 

Offsetting the Costs of Ownership 

When living six months on, six months off, residence assessments may be able to be offset entirely. See case study below. 

Case Study 1 - Judy Wheedon

Having retired after many years of hard work, Judy now lives her dream lifestyle. She spends 6 months in Florida and 6 months as a global citizen with her Home at Sea. Judy owns a beautiful Storylines Home at Sea with a French Balcony valued at $489,882. For 6 months of the year, her Storylines cruise residence rents for $10,350 per month ($62,100/year) with a Home at Sea assessment of $5,252 per month ($63,024/year) leaving just $924 out of pocket.
For Judy, renting her Residence at Sea for 6 months per year allows her to live aboard the remaining 6 months for less than $20 per week. She has a dream home and a lavish lifestyle of luxury as a global citizen, watching the world go by from her full-length French balcony window.
Some Storylines residents choose to maintain dual residences of land and sea. It is now easier than ever to also put your land based residence to work while you are away in your Home at Sea. Services such as Airbnb provide a high degree of flexibility and reliability. Combined with a professional management company and renters insurance, you can rested ensure that your home will be well managed, protected, and its maintenance kept up to date. 

Case Study 2 - Edward Hancock

Edward owns the same Home at Sea as Judy and also rents his for half of the year. His rents for the same $5,252 per month ($63,024/year).
Additionally, Edward owns a home in Florida valued at $1,100,000. For half the year, his Airbnb management company returns him net $4200 per month (or $25,200/year).
Although he may not need to rent his land home to break-even, however, the extra $25,000 a year allows Edward to bring the children with him on summer break. Best of all, he is free to come and go whenever he wishes.

Friends and Family Are Welcome!

Invite a friend for a month, your children for a week, or make eternal memories with your grandchildren for the whole summer. Those close to you can also use your cruise residence while you are away. When you are aboard, guests may visit for lunch, stay with you (space permitting) or rent their own residence at special ‘Family and Friends’ only rates. This is your home. Relax and share the beauty of your lifestyle.
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