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Wellness & Spa

Choose to enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center, relaxation rooms, full-service salon, day-spa, wellness center, hydro pool, juice bar and more

State-of-the-Art Fitness Centre

Anti-Aging Clinic

World Class Spa Facilities

Guided Nutrition Programs

Comprehensive Onboard Spa and Wellness Center


Make your residence a destination in itself.
Storylines brings you a comprehensive onboard Spa and Wellness Center which includes an anti-aging clinic, state-of-the-art fitness center, relaxation rooms, lap pool, infrared saunas, aromatherapy steam room,
full service salon, juice bar and more. 
Residents whose new chapter afloat includes a “new you” have access to personal trainers to support you in meeting your personal goals. The fitness center includes live classes and on-demand digital content including exercise, movement, relaxation and mindfulness.
Together you can craft the ideal fitness and nutrition program. Our health team works closely with our food & beverage team. All menus include healthy meals created by our world class culinary team. As partners in your Health & Wellness journey, we aim to make your goals both achievable and enjoyable.

Health & Medical Support

Under the supervision of Dr. Brian Martin, the Storylines Wellness Center provides health support through a dedicated team that also includes nurses and physical therapists. Regardless of where we are in the world, our medical team is prepared to provide wellness support, nutrition advice, pharmacy services, travel vaccinations and much more.

Comprehensive Health Coverage Available

Storylines makes it even more convenient for both part-time and full-time residents to purchase comprehensive health coverage through a special partnership with a travel insurance provider. These unique policies allows residents to travel the world with confidence.