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Home Exchange? Your luxury second home is the key to a world of travel.


THIRDHOME is the premier travel club for second home owners who share a mindset for luxury and exploration. From jetsetters to retirees and everything in between, our members are inspired by the journey. THIRDHOME has evolved into the only travel brand that brings together a collective of trusted second home owners, renters and adventurers who share a passion for discovery and demand an elevated experience.

THIRDHOME Exchange invites second home owners to join an exclusive community of like-minded members who take advantage of unused time in their second home, to open the doors to countless other homes within The Club. THIRDHOME Rentals empowers owners to list their home with confidence and allows travelers to book without compromise. THIRDHOME Adventures elevates travel experiences with uniquely crafted journeys around the globe.


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How the partnership works

Storylines’ residents benefits

  1. Complimentary membership into THIRDHOME*
  2. Ability to use properties 90 days prior to MV Narrative being delivered
  3. Double key value
  4. Exchange your residence for other properties in the THIRDHOME program
  5. Add your primary residence into the THIRDHOME network

THIRDHOME member benefits

  1. Access to Storylines' luxury lifestyle at sea with discounted costs
  2. Reduced travel requirement of just 1 month (typically 3-month minimum)
  3. Enjoy the all-inclusive global lifestyle as the personal guest of a club member / Storylines resident owner


*Qualifying Storylines residences receive free lifetime membership and 5 complimentary exchange keys in the THIRDHOME network to get you started: a total package valued at $10,000. 

Exclusive THIRDHOME Member Offering Example

Cost comparison for cash rental price vs ThirdHome membership price for one month, 4 people in an RU4 Dream residence 

RU4 Dream

THIRDHOME property showcase

In the example above, the Storylines RU4 resident receives 35 keys which they can use to exchange for another property in the program. Here are some examples of exchange properties and the value of the keys.

THIRDHOME property showcase
Price List

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Storylines and ThirdHome property exchange program consist of?

Storylines and ThirdHome are both devoted to unique and luxurious private residences around the world and share the same ideals of a luxe travel lifestyle. Members of both love traveling the world while always feeling at home; not just seeing the world but tasting it, hearing it, feeling it, enjoying it, sharing it, and living it. Thus, with the aim to enhance these experiences for our members, Storylines and ThirdHome came into a unique partnership by which ThirdHome members have access to exclusive private residences aboard Storylines’ ship MV Narrative and likewise, select premier Storylines residence owners have access to a membership in ThirdHome’s exchange program, choosing among the club’s 12,500 luxury vacation homes in exciting destinations around the world.

How does this partnership benefit me as a resident?

Owners of some Storylines residences will be able to deposit monthly stays into the ThirdHome club and use credits/keys to stay at exquisite private vacation homes offered through ThirdHome's exchange program. 

How do I register to be able to use ThirdHome properties?

Upon Storylines confirmation, you can claim the THIRDHOME Keys assigned to you to use them towards a reservation within the THIRDHOME portfolio. These can be used 90 days prior to the delivery of your residence aboard MV Narrative, provided that you enroll as a Member of THIRDHOME prior to receiving Keys.

How does the key system work?

You receive credits called 'Keys', when you deposit stays in your land or sea based property that are accepted into the THIRDHOME system. As you have given these stays to THIRDHOME, they then cannot be used by you or rented out to others. On depositing these stays, you receive an assigned number of Keys, which you can then exchange for use at other properties showing availability in the club. If you see a property you like and it is showing availability for your travel dates, provided you have enough Keys in your account, simply pay the exchange fee, ranging from $495 to $1395 USD, and that property is yours to enjoy for that stay.

Do I have to pay any membership fee to ThirdHome?

No. As a Storylines resident owner, a membership payment to THIRDHOME is not required. However, prior to receiving the Keys allocated to your residence, you must enroll as a Member of THIRDHOME.

Is my residence eligible for the exchange program?

If your residence is an RU3, RU4 or RU5, it is eligible to participate in the exchange program. 

How many Keys am I going to receive for my residence?

A base Key value is assigned to each residence in accordance with the value of the property. 

RU3     = 2 keys
RU4     = 3 keys
RU4.1  = 3 keys
RU4.2 = 3 keys
RU4.3 = 4 keys
RU4.4 = 4 keys
RU5     = 5 keys
RU5.1  = 5 keys

Storylines residences earn double value for all weeks deposited unless otherwise specified. There is a four week deposit minimum. For example: a one month deposit of a residence with a base Key value of three (3) Keys will receive a credit of twenty-four (24) Keys. [Base key values are for one week. Therefore, the 3 Key base value, multiplied by four weeks equals 12 Keys. However, Storylines residences earn double value which equals 24 Keys.]

Note: as your residence is not yet available to deposit time into ThirdHome's system, these first keys will be assigned to you by the Storylines-ThirdHome partnership agreement.

Can I exchange my Keys for cash?

No. No cash for Keys exchange is allowed in our program. Keys do not have cash value. Keys are earned by depositing stays into the ThirdHome system and must be used by members to book the properties.

How do I put my Storylines residence into the exchange program? 

Details for this will be provided closer to sailing; however to get involved now, please to speak to your Storylines representative.

How much do I have to pay to reserve a property?

Provided you have enough Keys in your account, simply pay the exchange fee, ranging from $495 to $1395 USD, and that property is yours to enjoy for that stay. Most exchanges are one week, while some special properties are less, such as some yachts/islands etc.

How do I book the residence I want to travel to in the ThirdHome system?

Online. You login on ThirdHome and if you see a property you like and it is showing availability for the time you want to go; provided you have enough Keys in your account, simply pay the exchange fee, ranging from $495 to $1395 USD, and that property is yours to enjoy for that stay. Confirmation will be sent to you.

How long can I stay in the same property?

Each exchange is for a 3, 4 or 7-night period. Members can book properties for longer than 7-nights, if available, but the requisite number of Keys and exchange fees will be required. For example, if a member books the same property for two (2) weeks, they will pay two (2) exchange fees and the appropriate Keys for the two-week period will be debited from the member's account.

Do I have a limited time to use the keys I obtain?

Keys have a 24-month lifespan. As soon as stays are deposited, the relevant number of Keys are credited and available for use.

Your original keys for joining the program have an expiry period of 60 days from the date the keys are deposited into your ThirdHome account.

How can I calculate the keys I need to reserve a property?

It is shown at each property specification on the ThirdHome website and it may vary depending on the season (high/low season).

Why do properties have a range of keys and not a fixed number of keys needed?

The key value is based on low, shoulder and high seasons.

Price List