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Storylines names Brodosplit as shipyard for their MV Narrative

Brodosplit to build Storylines' first residential ship in Split, Croatia

Storylines names Brodosplit as shipyard for their MV Narrative

In a mutually collaborative effort, the parties intend to build Storylines' first residential ship in Split, Croatia

MIAMI (March 31, 2021)  –- Storylines confirmed the agreement with Brodosplit today, engineering has commenced with the first steel cutting expected next year.

“The ship building industry was hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and industry-wide delays and cancellations have been inevitable,” said Storylines founder and co-CEO Alister Punton. “However, there has been a silver lining with having had a few extra months to adapt to changing Covid-related regulations and to include some additional features that our residents requested such as additional work spaces,” he continued.
The pandemic has also resulted in a high demand in recent months of remote workers and families now having the flexibility to reinvent the way they work, live and learn. 
Shannon Lee, Storylines founder and co-CEO added, “Working with Brodosplit helps us achieve our founding principles and sustainability goals as their area of expertise includes LNG engine manufacturing. We’re thrilled to finally be able to release the shipyard agreement for the construction of our new LNG powered ship and we would like to thank our residents for their support to get to this very exciting point,” he continued. 

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to announce the shipyard for the construction of our new LNG powered residential ship,” said Storylines founders Shannon Lee and Alister Punton.


The Ship

The ship features fully furnished residences ranging from 237 sq. ft. to 2411 sq. ft., priced from $300,000 to more than $8 million for a premium two-level penthouse suite. Owners and invited guests will have the opportunity to live a sustainable life of luxury and freedom while at sea. Owners have the option to make their unit available through the Storylines rental program.

Positioned as the greenest ship in the market, Storylines MV Narrative utilizes LNG fuel along with innovative reusable energy technologies and energy storage and recovery systems. The ship also includes a waterfront marina, microbrewery, art studio, hydroponic gardens, and more. 

About Storylines

Storylines is creating an all-inclusive ocean residence and a way of life that is attracting adventure seekers looking for immersive cultural experiences on a global scale. A conscientious community with an enthusiastic approach to living, residents will travel the globe. With an average of three to five days in each port, experiential learning is integrated into curated itineraries and immersive shore excursions. Additionally, Storylines brings each destination to life onboard with enrichment programs, spa services that feature local elements, and a signature culinary atrium with regional dishes inspired by each port of call.

Interview requests: Sandy Ware | sandy@storylines.com | +1-813-567-8679 www.storylines.com/press


About Brodosplit

Brodosplit JSC is a member of DIV Group, which consists, besides the shipyard, of six factories in three countries in the region, and dozens of production and support facilities in the shipbuilding industry. Brodosplit recently delivered the state of the art expedition vessel 'Hondius,' the first Polar Class 6 ever, as well as the largest sailing vessel in the world 'Golden Horizon'.

Brodosplit is now completing two polar expedition cruise vessels and is becoming the leader among European builders of polar cruisers. Brodosplit’s next ambition in the shipbuilding market is to secure a dominant position in the residential vessel market.


Contact: www.brodosplit.hr