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Sustainable Travel

We believe the world is your playground. We also believe that we have a responsibility to protect that world. Our method of sustainable travel preserves the seas and the communities we visit. We aim to leave no trace on our amazing yet fragile planet by focusing on environmentally friendly sustainability initiatives and responsible social & corporate governance (ESG) principles. We believe that sustainable travel can have a lasting positive impact on societies and the natural world.

Sustainability Initiatives
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Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and currently the most environmentally friendly option available for powering ships. It reduces particulate matter and SO2 emissions by up to 100%. LNG exceeds current environmental requirements and is currently the best way to comply with emerging emissions regulations. Storylines will be among the most innovative and eco-friendly passenger vessels in operation.

Sustainability Ambassador

Our sustainability consultant's graduate degree studies at Harvard University in Sustainability and the Environment focus on assisting companies in devising their sustainability strategies. She consults on new venture projects with innovators that are creating the habitats and communities of the future, partnering with revolutionary brands committed to ambitious environmental solutions.

Zero-Waste Farmers Market

The onboard market is the first of its kind at sea. It stocks fresh, organic produce grown on board and locally sourced products from the places we visit. It features deli provisions, dry goods, refill stations and health & beauty items free of wasteful consumer packaging. As a residential community, we can go beyond banning single use plastics and our market is just one example.

Converting Waste to Energy

Storylines utilizes the most technologically advanced green maritime systems to reduce total vessel energy consumption. The vessel has been designed to utilize all potentially available waste heat for technical heating purposes, including heating the lap pool. Excess energy needed to cool the LNG fuel is reclaimed to cool the HVAC system. Solid carbon based waste including food, sewage, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and oil are converted into usable energy .

Ocean Conservancy

Storylines is proud to participate in Pledge 1% donating a portion of our profits toward safeguarding our oceans. We also protect sensitive reef ecosystems by: educating residents and guests how to care for these environments, organizing volunteer reef-restoration projects, selling only reef-safe sunscreen products and using only biodegradable cleaning products.

No Single-Use Plastics

Storylines is committed to using only biodegradable or reusable items. We go well beyond banning plastic water bottles. In food service areas condiments are served residential style, not in individual plastic containers. Metal spoons are used instead of plastic stir sticks and we use washable glasses and coffee cups instead of disposable cups. Biodegradable straws, bamboo picnic utensils, cloth napkins and compostable take-out containers are some other examples of how we contribute to sustainable travel.

Sustainably Sourced Food

Storylines sources sustainable seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to preserve marine wildlife habitats. Other animal products are free-range, not factory farmed. We not only source ingredients from sustainable farms, but we also source from local farms whenever possible to reduce the ship's carbon footprint and to ensure that residents and crew are offered only the freshest food.

Organic Dry Cleaning

Our onboard dry cleaning center uses alternatives to chemical solvents such as perchloroethylene which can leak toxicities, contaminate surrounding communities and harm workers. Our dry cleaning facility is just one of the many amenities we provide our residents with for a lifestyle of sustainable luxury.

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