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Crew & Commercial Positions

Storylines Residents Only

A key part to any strong community is the involvement of its citizens. Storylines sources as much possible talent from within the resident community.

This approach helps to

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Promote an active lifestyle for our residents while still continuing their profession


Create deeper connections within the community


Provide wider engagement for the professionals onboard


Reduce overall crew required


Resident Crew

Some of our crew positions will be filled by residents. These may be short term and casual in nature. All applicants must have an active license in good standing

  • Doctors - MD, Specialist, ND, Chiropractor, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, Psychologist, Veterinarian
  • Hairdresser
  • Teachers
  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Nurses and medical assistants

The remuneration for these roles will be inline with typical crew rates for the required position.

Commercial Positions

  • Hotel reception
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance broker
  • Lawyer
  • Real estate agent
  • Accounting

These positions attract a higher rate similar to what you may currently be receiving in your ‘land-based’ life. See notes on ‘Conducting General Business’ in the FAQ below for more on this.

Professionals Circle

For those wishing to conduct business or continue your professional occupation from the ship as an integral part of your daily life, we offer a package with benefits and priority to allow for such activities.

Business professionals living and working on a private residence ship
Unique opportunity for semi-retired professionals to work in their related field
Resident professionals can define their work hours and availability
Ability to do education and promotion
Use of medical and research labs and testing equipment
Allocated work space. Several spaces may be available. *Rates may be different by space size and area
Booking support staff / billing and management staff provided
Simple commission dependent on field / base services inclusion / support of resident. *Offer to or service to residents
Residual income possible with co-developed or approved products and affiliate programs. Co-use with and/or referral of other resident professional programs
Ability to participate in research and data collection for improved treatment outcomes (health professionals)
Collaborate with other health related professionals for support and new technologies
Access to Storylines marketing via resident community apps and announcements

Professionals Circle Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the contractual obligations for these positions?

For those wishing to take crew positions, there will need to be some form of formality to the application, which may include:

  • Minimum contract length
  • Set hours (to fit with your schedule)

Do I need to do any training to work as a crew member?

There may be some requirements for training, depending on the role/duty, the contractual agreement and the class/flag rules. An example of this may include basic training to work at sea - a Safety Of Lives At Sea (SOLAS) requirement.

Are there any excluded positions?

Some positions will not be offered (such as housekeeping) for security and privacy reasons.

Are there age limits?

While we don’t set any age limits, there are regulations. We encourage younger residents to earn money and we have interest from some parents asking about such opportunities. This is an important part in any growing child's future to learn.

What are the fees Storylines charges for conducting business?

This will depend on the requirement of the request. For example a doctor needing to use space, reception services, lab work, etc may be charged higher amounts than a business consultant using a desk or ad hoc table in a dining room somewhere. Fees cover things such as liability, space, listing in the directory, etc.

Can I work from the ship or run my business if it doesn’t involve other residents?

Yes, private works and businesses that do not involve the ship or its passengers have no requirement to inform Storylines, so long as the business is legal.

What if my role is both a crew and commercial position?

We call this a Crossover position. Some positions may have a crossover in both areas. These will be taken case-by-case and attributed based on resident load for the service. Some examples of these types of positions may include a beautician or a personal trainer. The crew will have a personal trainer to cover some of the demand and included services, while a resident professional may cover other things not included (such as private one-on-one sessions and specialty programs delivered only by that resident). 

*Any employment or contractor opportunities may be subject to approval by the International Labour Organization and the Bahamian authorities. Maritime employment regulation requirements for being a crew member of a ship may apply.