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Around the World Cruises: Vacation or Lifestyle?

Posted by Erik Fabregat on May 10, 2021 5:30:08 PM

What do you love the most about around the world cruises? Maybe it’s the delicious international cuisine that changes with every destination. Perhaps it’s the endless array of activities to explore and discover. Maybe you love meeting like-minded travelers from around the world. At Storylines, we know it’s all these things and more, which is why we created a luxury residential ship that continuously circumnavigates the globe.  

Man sitting on bow of boat taking photograph on around the world cruise in Thailand

It’s not a cruise.  

It’s a lifestyle. 
Envision a life where you can savor these exotic travel experiences without the time constraints or limitations of world cruises — all of it, from the comfort of your own home. You can travel the world permanently without having to continuously unpack. You have endless options for how to spend your days on board and they're all-inclusive: dining, activities, entertainment, fitness classes and watersports equipment to name a few. There are clubs to participate in, classes to take, enrichment opportunities and new hobbies to explore. The Storylines lifestyle has all the benefits of an around the world cruise but with the added benefits of having all the comforts of home. It is a lifestyle that redefines travel as you know it and it can be yours.  

Father, mother and two sons on paddle boards outside the marina on an around the world cruise ship

The Storylines Difference 

  • More time: The Storylines global travel experience is different than a traditional cruise around the world, where you often must sacrifice a more immersive travel experience due to the limited time in port. Instead, your home travels around the world approximately every three years (instead of 4 months), allowing enough time to spend an average of three days — even up to five days — in global destinations, from cosmopolitan cities to rustic villages. (Check out a sample itinerary.) 

    Your home travels the world on a journey to the most exotic, awe-inspiring ports of call, from the pebble-strewn beaches of Sicily to the gleaming, white windmills of Mykonos. Once there, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy glorious days as you discover new lands on your own schedule before embarking on your next adventure.

    Stay on board all day then spend the night at a quaint bed and breakfast. Go deep sea fishing all day then prepare your fresh-catch for dinner with friends in the evening. A family excursion during the day then a date night on the town, just the two of you. The choice is yours...always. 
  • All-inclusive living: Forget the slow, overpriced internet, laundry charges, pricey bar tabs or anything else that you’ll find on the average vacation cruise designed to separate you from your money. Your luxury travel lifestyle with Storylines is all-inclusive, which means there’s no need to worry about extra expenses on board. From meals and drinks in 20 unique dining and bar concepts that serve the finest international cuisines, to activities and entertainment, housekeeping and laundry, fitness and sports equipment. Your annual all-inclusive living fees covers everything you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  
  • It’s about community: On MV Narrative, you won’t see strangers coming and going every week; instead, you’ll see familiar faces and warm smiles. You’ll know them because they’re your neighbors. You’ll bump into them at the market and make plans for dinner and a show or listen to each other’s stories after an exciting day of adventures. This is what a real community looks like when traveling the world and living alongside neighbors and friends.

    On a typical cruise, people can be reluctant to get to know their fellow travelers because it’s so unlikely that a lasting bond will form. Or they make friends only to never see them again. The Storylines lifestyle, however, is not a typical cruise. Here, ‘community’ means something. Think of it as a floating neighborhood of like-minded adventurers where people want to meet each other, share a smile and forge positive lasting relationships. 
  • All the comforts of home. Grab a bike and ride around town, then head home to get some work done from your home office. Invite family or friends to join your adventure at any of our port stops so they can travel with you and experience the Storylines global lifestyle. Audition that great chicken tikka masala recipe you found online by heading over to one of our many resident kitchens. Drop in on an impromptu art class then stop by the spa before heading back home and finishing that great book on your balcony as the sun slowly sets. This is life now. You’re home. 

Woman wearing blue shirt and glasses - an art teacher directing an art student working at an easel in the art studio on an around the world cruise ship

When we were creating the Storylines experience, we started by asking travelers like you, “What can be improved on from the traditional around the world cruise?” The feedback often pointed to too little time in a destination, the discomfort of living out of a suitcase, and the upcharges for daily necessities such as internet and laundry. Storylines was created with a slower-paced itinerary in mind that allows for more time to soak up the best of each destination, with an all-inclusive model and all the comforts of home.  
We look forward to welcoming you aboard. 

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