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Curated Experience trip to The Philippines

Posted by Alister Punton on Jun 6, 2020 6:35:03 PM

One year on from the inaugural Storylines ‘Curated Experience’ Tour to The Philippines

A very important date has just marked the calendar for Storylines: it is the One Year Anniversary since a group of Founders Circle members went to the Philippines for a two-week discovery trip.

Keeping in line with the eight Storylines Principles, this was the first world trip for them as Storylines Brand Ambassadors to personally curate the experiences for all our future residents to enjoy.

On invitation from the Department of Tourism in the Philippines, a group of future residents and media went to embark on an epic journey full of adventures. The best part of the trip was the destination itself as none of the attendees had been to the Philippines before, so there was incredible excitement of adventure...

The fourteen days were packed with amazing activities such as hiking an active Volcano in Talisay, visiting one of the new seven wonders of the natural world - the Puerto Princesa Underground River, swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, a river cruise in Loboc, the chocolate hills which look similar to Hershey's kisses, and visiting a tarsiers sanctuary in Bohol.

Lou Banzon, the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Sharp Travel Services, one of the hosts of the trip said, "The Philippines is delighted to host Storylines and its residents and eagerly awaits their arrival on The Narrative."

"We (The Philippines Government) support Storylines cruising format with multiple days in ports and really supporting local businesses like hotels and restaurants which will benefit the wider community," said Jing Esmana, Head of Cruises for the Department of Tourism of The Philippines.

The country has some of the most stunning scenery, from chocolate hills to turquoise blue lagoons and 'Avatar' looking rock formations; but the Philippines it’s not all about scenery, it is about the amazing people. As a way to contribute to the community and say thank you, our future residents visited the school of a local indigenous community in Bohol, where they had the chance to donate some pre-loaded tablets to the village library so the children can have access to hundreds of digital books.

The two weeks our future residents spent together led to friendships for life with eagerness to repeat the experience and to spread the word of the exciting world adventure they would soon share.

Suzanne Lankes of California, future resident, said “Because I am a Founders Circle Member, I was able to participate in the Philippines trip. I did not know what to expect of the destination but this trip exceeded all my expectations. This is a dream come true for me.”

Christy Simitzis of Australia, also a Founders Circle Member, said “The adventure has already started for us. We are counting the days until we will be able to do this full-time and we're looking forward to calling ‘The Narrative’ home.”

Special thanks to The Philippines Government and Tourism Department, Lou and the team at Sharp Travel, travel writer Fiona Harper from Travel Boating Lifestyle, Alexandra - Storylines representative, and our wonderful residents Suzanne, Kathy, Fred, Dani, Christie, Cindy and Jon whose input and feedback has helped to shape the experience that all our residents will get to enjoy for decades to come.

We are now planning the next trip to another fabulous destination. We won’t spoil the surprise, but hint... pack your tanning lotion and sunglasses.

Want to know how you can be part of the next trip? It's easy: become a Storylines Founders Circle member.


Drone shot of Bawan Island

Bawan Private Island Visit

Whale shark diving and diver

Diving with Whale Sharks

On way to undergrond river near Puerto Princesa

En-route to Puerto Princesa Underground River

Group photo in front of Bohol Beach Club Resort

Group photo in front of Bohol Beach Club Resort

Bohol village happy snaps with the local tribes people

Bohol Village

On a small boat clear blue water

Traditional Canoe Ride to see the Whale Sharks

Whale shark diving

Majestic Giants of the Oceans

Gifts for a local tribe school children

Gifts supplied by Storylines residents for the local school children

Local transport vehicle in Coron

Another form of transport local to the area

Welcoming the Storylines Ambassadors

A warm welcome everywhere we go

Whale shark diving boats

All aboard

Letter of recommendation from Philippines Government

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for taking the time to write me. I am delighted and encouraged to hear that you and the other Ambassadors of Storylines had a wonderful time during your brief stay in the Philippines.

The Department of Tourism will continue to vigorously promote cruise tourism opportunities in our different cruise ports and destinations. We look forward to working with you in spreading the word around that 'Its More Fun In The Philippines'!

I will also share your kind words to your guide T-Jay.

Best regards,


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