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Lloyds Register Providing Classification Rules and Regulations

Posted by Alister Punton on May 6, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Storylines is pleased to announce that Lloyd's Register has been chosen as Classification Society for MV Narrative. Classification is the process of verifying ship standards against a set of specific requirements. These requirements are laid down in the rules established by the classification society with an objective to minimize risk to life, property and the environment, and maintain operational effectiveness of the ship. Lloyd’s Register, which was established in 1760, is among the world’s leading classification societies.


Condo ship - safety at sea

Dr. Paul Read, Storylines Project Manager said, “We are very excited to have Lloyds Register onboard as they are one of the best class societies in the marine industry today and we know their involvement will result in a high standard ship in terms of safety, passenger comfort and low environmental impact.” 

Lloyds Register’s passenger ship experts have been supporting Storylines during the development of the MV Narrative design.

"Storylines has created such a wonderful and unique project in the MV Narrative, with so much innovation to make an experience for their residents that will be like no other. It really is very exciting for us to be involved," said Joep Bollerman, Lloyd’s Register Global Manager at the Passenger Ship Support Center.

Using their many years of expertise in the passenger and cruise ship market, Lloyds Register has been advising on the application of their rules to MV Narrative and on the application of the international statutory regulations that apply to all ships. As we move forward, they will continue to support us during the next stages of the design development, working with us through shipyard construction and into service, where they will partner with Storylines and its residents for our onward journey.


Topics: Classification, Construction, Vessel

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