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Health & Wellness Q&A with Dr. Brian Martin

Posted by Erik Fabregat on Apr 26, 2021 4:34:18 PM

Fast on the heels of a recent episode of our ‘Meet Your Neighbors’ serieswhere Dr. Brian and Priti Martin discussed what they hope the future holds for Storylines residentswe’re back with a much anticipated, in-depth Q&A video interview in which Dr. Martin answers your most pressing medical questions. 

As you may be aware, Dr. Brian Martin has been appointed Medical Director of Storylines which means you’ll be seeing a lot of him, whether it be in his office for a consultation aboard MV Narrative or hanging out in an art class; that's what neighbors do.


With over 25 years in the medical field, Dr. Martin comes to us with a comprehensive approach that blendsound, conventional medical practices with cutting-edge innovation, specifically in the area of Optimal Living & Aging. His medical portfolio and areas of expertise are noteworthy and they cover a lot of ground across the health and wellness spectrum.

In the video, Dr. Martin goes over a wealth of health-related topics and answers questions from Storylines residents in a succinct and transparent way. He covers the various roles of the onboard medical team, the many programs he’s developing, insurance, medicationhis holistic approach to medicine and much more.  

We'd like to thank Dr. Brian Martin for taking the time to inform our current and prospective residents on these topics of keen interest. Here's to your health!


Topics: Health, Medical

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