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Meet Your Neighbor:  Alexey from Moscow (Entrepreneur)

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Oct 4, 2021 10:15:36 PM

Alexey is a lifelong resident of Moscow who likes to spend time at his country house in Russia and with his family in Paris and Brittany. He joined us on a video call on his way to the soccer stadium to watch Russia v Portugal in the European Championship qualifications.

Alexey is trading in his 25 meter yacht in the Mediterranean for a Storylines residence so that he can visit more destinations around the world. He says his yacht is not viable for longer trips so his plan is to use his new vacation home for extended global travel and to host friends.

"I have my own boat in Greece but I can’t say that I’m using it very often. Storylines is a replacement for my boat. Within a few years it will be time to sell because every year it’s becoming less new... I have had a very good experience with it but having a hotel on the water should be interesting. (Currently) I’m forced to be located in only one part of the Mediterranean  Sea; Greece, Cyprus, Turkey - it’s a very nice region with spectacular islands but traveling around the world on a big ship will be much more interesting." 


Alexey has had an interesting career in the banking industry since he was seventeen years old. He started his first job as a banker on his last day of high school. He says it's been an interesting period to be in the industry, with the start of his career coinciding with the start of enormous growth in the Russian market economy. He is 46 and has recently left his last official position as a banker with the fourth largest bank in Russia. Although he had considered joining the ranks of early retirees, he decided to go in the direction of small business entrepreneurship.

Alexey has a 22 year old daughter finishing her studies and starting her career so he says 'mission accomplished' and now he's looking forward to having longer holidays traveling by sea. He plays badminton and has recently competed in his first tournament! 

Our entire community of global citizens is looking forward to sailing the seven seas with you Alexey!  Especially our EU football fans and all our yachtsmen/yachtswomen on board.   

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