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Meet Your Storylines Neighbor: Christy in Australia  (Digital Nomad)

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Jun 28, 2021 3:24:48 PM

Christy is one of Storylines' very first owners! She is a fitness professional currently based in Sydney who will be working remotely aboard the ship. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have.


How did you come to the decision to purchase a Storylines residence? 
I initially came across the Storylines concept when it first launched and I was instantly intrigued in the lifestyle, the travel and the community. After getting in touch and chatting personally with the founder, I made the decision to put down a deposit and reserve a cabin. This is a lifestyle that I was particularly interested in pursuing and didn’t think it existed in real life, until I stumbled across Storylines online.

Couple standing on the top of a hill in Kotor Montenegro with city, hills and cruise ship in the background

Kotor, Montenegro 


How do you envision your new lifestyle? 

Waking up to a new destination every few days. Working remotely from one of the resident lounges, and then spending my free time ashore and enjoying not only the destinations we travel to, but also the ship itself. I also envision some really lovely friendships created with the other residents and inviting and spending time with family and friends when they are on board to visit. 

Woman drinking from a bottle with cruise ship in the background and traveling through Greece



How will that differ from previous trips you have taken? 

Previous trips I have taken include moving from airport to hotel to get to where I want to go or need to be. Usually, these trips are sharp and fast, staying in a hotel, living out of a suitcase and not really immersing myself in the culture of the place I am visiting as it's usually a short visit. But when I live at sea, I can stay longer if I so desire, and then I can catch up with the ship when I want to. All my belongings and comforts will be in my ‘home’ so it will always be set up and ready for me when I arrive back. Previous trips are usually not with anyone else, usually only my partner and me, so with Storylines, I will be coming home to a community of like-minded individuals as we will all be sharing the same passions: love for travel and adventure by ship! 

Woman standing in front of the Acropolis in Athens Greece with her hands raised while cruising around the world



What will your work situation look like onboard?  

I am planning to continue my work remotely whilst I am on board the ship. This will include anywhere from 2-4 hours working on weekdays and the rest of my day exploring and enjoying the locations we visit. 

Woman sitting in a piazza in Barcelona wearing a hat and holding a glass of sangria while living on a cruise ship

Sangria in Barcelona 


Can you tell us more about your business?  

My business is an online health and fitness website for over 50s. I do live workouts daily via zoom online, and then recorded workouts are uploaded onto my website for on-demand viewing by members at a time convenient for them. I also offer nutrition, tips and tricks, health and fitness calculators and I write age specific articles for my members. 

Woman wearing ski clothes lounging on a sun chair in the Dolomites.


‘Digital Nomad’ is a hot phrase these days. Do you consider yourself among them and if so, what is it about this lifestyle that is so appealing?  

Absolutely! I am transitioning from face-to-face work to full time digital nomad living in the next couple of years. The lifestyle of a digital nomad is appealing as you can work from anywhere, not restricted by location, time or traffic, only WIFI signals... ;)  It also allows you the freedom to go and explore the world, live and immerse in different cultures and environments and learn more about the world and yourself in the process.  

Woman living on a boat traveling the world wearing sunglasses and a hat, smiling in the Philippines



What additional info would be helpful for other adventurous people who work remotely?   

Get out and explore the world! Find a group of likeminded individuals or groups that share your passions, zest for life, and take the plunge. For me personally, cruise ship living was something I only thought the rich and famous could afford, but since finding Storylines and doing my research, I have realized that living this way is actually cheaper than living on land (and therefore seeing and doing the same thing day in and day out.)  

Woman living on a cruise ship and traveling in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia 


Anything else? 

I'm excited to start living and exploring the world on Storylines. I have already met some of the amazing residents face to face in 2019 and I’m hoping to connect with some more residents in the near future. Looking forward to living the dream! 

Woman wearing a hat and eating pasta at a street cafe in Rome

Pasta in Rome


A big thanks to Christy for chatting with us!  From all of us at Storylines, we look forward to welcoming you on board!


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