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Storylines 'Meet Your Neighbors' - Amanda (the Traveling Realtor)

Posted by Tim Roberts on Feb 26, 2023 2:51:15 PM

Amanda The Traveling Realtor

We are excited to introduce you to future Storylines' resident: Amanda the Traveling  Realtor. Like many in our community, Amanda is a seasoned world traveler. Originally from North Carolina, she is currently based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If that doesn't sound idyllic enough, she is also building an over-water bungalow in Belize to escape to! Amanda started traveling at just 16 years of age and has visited 44 countries, with no plan on slowing down as she looks forward to her next chapter with Storylines.


“We were originally thinking of just buying a boat, and traveling around the world, which has always been a dream of mine. But we recently took our friend's yacht down to the Bahamas and everything broke on it. Just trying to fix everything, and getting stuck at the ports; it was just a lot of work. It wasn't like that relaxing vacation I wanted!”

- Amanda


Amanda hosting a work event on a yacht in Cabo San LucasAfter a successful career selling property, Amanda created her own brand, Amanda The Traveling Realtor, where she trains agents, runs sales promotions and hosts incentive reward events around the world. She also specializes in helping agents build multiple income streams with the goal of financial freedom.  Besides the personal fulfillment she gets from helping others move closer to their dreams, Amanda's work has enabled her to become location independent to pursue her other passion - travel. As such, Amanda plans on continuing her work onboard MV Narrative.

"When we saw Storylines, we were like, 'this is it'; this is the way we can travel around the world. We're not responsible for things breaking on a boat. We're paying a maintenance fee and we're done. That really sold me on this concept."

- Amanda


Amanda zipliningAmanda will be joined onboard by her boyfriend Alex, and the two of them are very much into hiking, exploring and other adventures. They like to go beyond your average tourist sightseeing; getting to know the locals and immersing themselves in the local culture is more their style. 


“I want to get in there, I want to know where the locals go, I want to do what the locals do. If there are any special ceremonies, I love to go do that kind of thing."



Amanda with three female colleagues laughing on a balcony overlooking Cabo San Lucas.

Amanda also looks forward to expanding her business outside the US with speaking engagements worldwide and training people to scale their short-term and mid-term rental businesses. She's keen to connect with other realtors and entrepreneurs on board, perhaps even host an event together!

Amanda capped off the interview by saying how excited she is to meet her new community of global citizens. She also urged other residents to post their videos so she can get to know you too! 

Thanks Amanda for participating in Meet Your Neighbors

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