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Storylines 'Meet Your Neighbors' - Andy and Adria (Foodies)

Posted by Tim Roberts on Sep 28, 2023 4:46:57 PM

Introducing Andy and Adria, who join us for the latest edition of Meet Your Neighbors. They currently live in Denver Colorado: Andy is location-independent as a COO of a small cyber-security company, while Adria is an administrator at a local high school. Both look forward to transitioning to becoming digital nomads and taking their work with them everywhere in the world. They will join many fellow residents who will be working part-time or full-time aboard MV Narrative, a residential ship fully equipped for living and working aboard.

“We're looking to have a similar type of experience as we have here in Denver but instead of looking out of our balcony at the city, we'll see a different view every few days."

- Andy




With their kids already grown, the couple knew right away when they discovered Storylines that they would live aboard and finally get to travel the world. Andy came across an ad for Storylines and sent it to Adria as kind of a joke. Her response was, "Where do I sign?"

Andy had reserved a unit by the time she got home that night! 


"We're super excited because Andy was a young dad, and he didn't get to do all the fun playing when he was a younger man, so we're looking forward to traveling the world and playing...with an adult budget!"

- Adria



Adria has a background in teaching music, choir and singing and looks forward to making music on board in the recording studio. She's also keen to teach music on the ship if the opportunity arises, especially for any kids on board; although, adults are welcome too!

Besides music, the couple's other passion is home-brewing and winemaking. What started as a hobby for Andy, home-brewing beer, eventually expanded into winemaking, so you can imagine the excitement Andy felt when he discovered there would be a microbrewery on the ship. Perhaps that's what compelled him to reserve the unit so quickly!


"We're really passionate about good food, good drink, and spending time with family and friends. We're passionate about travel as well, so, it's kind of the perfect marriage of all those things."

 - Andy




Andy and Adria look forward to transitioning from ordering online and home deliveries to shopping at the many interesting markets around the world. Both are keen to support small businesses and communities at port stops around the world. They plan on bringing less on board and if they need something, they can buy from somewhere around the world.

Andy and Adria are gastronomers who love to cook and go out for Friday date nights to try new restaurants. They are excited about continuing this tradition all around the world in different ports every week. 

In the meantime, they're already preparing for the lifestyle change, having downsized from a 7,000 square foot house to a 1,000 square foot high-rise condo, and continuing to trim down to a more minimalist lifestyle. All the while dreaming about their next chapter!

Thank you, Andy and Adria; we look forward to your dreams coming true. 

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