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Meet Your Neighbors: Dr. Brian & Priti Martin

Posted by Erik Fabregat on Apr 19, 2021 10:32:34 PM

Dr. Brian Martin and his wife and business partner Priti Martin were musing late one night about how wonderful it would be to escape to the warm tradewinds of the Caribbean and live the rest of their lives on a boat big enough for them and their closest friends. As it happened, they would soon discover, somebody was already way ahead of them on that concept. As Dr. Martin puts it, "We wanted a safe place to grow older, but we still wanted to stay young and Storylines seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Put that in the brochure!" 



As the vessel's Medical Director, Dr. Martin will be instrumental in determining all processes directly related to health and wellness on board in addition to having input on the ship's water and air quality. He is eager to implement a full series of wellness programs that include weight loss, reducing medication dependency, detoxification and how to make smart food decisions for maximum nutrition.

Two years ago, the Martins founded Just Choose Love, an organization whose mission is to offer insights and core value development for start-ups and established businesses from the  standpoint of wellness and love. The organization fosters ethical and responsible business practices, goal attainment and increased productivity to bring about positive growth for their client partners. As co-founder, Dr. Martin is the organization's medical director and head of product development related to therapeutic medicine and optimal aging. As VP, Priti Martin leads their women's business development program and brings her talents as a visual artist to empower other women towards freedom and enjoyment, and to recover a feeling of love, safety and joy.

A3904490-93A5-48B5-AF7A-22E8BFF89E36-1Priti goes on to say how excited she and her team are about the women's programs and initiatives she's been championing now that she will have the added bonus of  incorporating unique travel opportunities that come along with the Storylines lifestyle as an integral component. She also singles out Storylines' commitment towards pursuing ethical and eco-friendly business practices as a game changer for her.

"The best gift the Storylines lifestyle gives us is freedom," says Dr. Martin. "Time is a precious thing and life has a way of demanding more of it than we'd like to give. With all the built-in conveniences on board, we get to have our time back for the things and experiences that make life special."

We are so fortunate to be able to have both Dr. Brian and Priti Martin as our neighbors.

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