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Meet Your Neighbors - Lana & Ricky (World Travelers)

Posted by Patricia Cabansay on Apr 7, 2022 12:32:32 AM

Lana and Ricky in one of their trips to Bora Bora.

We are excited to introduce you to Storylines residents Lana and Ricky! They are world travelers currently based in Florida with a particular penchant for the South Pacific islands. Their travel history has taken them to many places that are on our tropical destinations bucket list! Cook Island, Rangiroa Island, and Bora-Bora are just a few of them.


“When you work or run a company, you still need a place where you can do work and vacation. Even when we’re on vacation, I’m a workaholic.”

- Lana

Lana and Ricky running their business.

Partners in life and in business, Lana and Ricky run a residential real estate company specializing in ocean-front properties. Lana loves the arts including painting and Ricky is a fitness enthusiast. With Storylines’ onboard art studio, various art classes and workshops, state-of-the-art wellness center (the largest at sea!), and well designed co-working spaces, Lana and Ricky will be able to continue to do all the things they love to do all around the world.


“The ship will also be a destination in itself which I’m looking forward to!”

- Ricky

Lana and Ricky seen cruising as they travel around the world.

This fun couple are world cruisers, joining approximately six or seven cruises every year. As a result, they’ve made great friends along the way, one of whom shared about their experience living at sea. Lana and Ricky were intrigued and did their own research, stumbling upon Storylines on YouTube. Meant to be! 


“We just love our memories about beautiful beaches. We like the tropics. For us, when we don’t see the beach for a few days, we go crazy. This is why living on a ship is the perfect solution for us."

- Lana

Lana and Ricky in one of their travels

During the chat, both shared sentiments of being excited to wake up at different places everyday. Most importantly, Lana emphasized that they’re excited to meet their new neighbors on board. “It’s amazing that we’ll have this group of people who will enjoy the same things and we'll share these experiences. This is probably one of my favorite parts... When we live in that community, I'm sure we'll meet plenty of friends and have a great time!”

Lana and Ricky, your community of global citizens are looking forward to hitting the tropics with you! Until then, let’s raise our wine glasses, and toast to this wonderful adventure ahead of us. Thanks for participating in Meet Your Neighbors

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