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Meet Your Storylines Neighbors: Mike

Posted by Erik Fabregat on Mar 21, 2021 5:45:00 AM

What does a “semi-retired” single person have to look forward to who has no children, grandchildren and doesn’t play golf?

A lot, as it turns out, especially if you’re part of the Storylines lifestyle.

New resident, Mike, has got plenty of insight on the topic of living single in ones later years and was instantly smitten by us when he happened upon a Facebook ad. His first reaction to the concept of continuously traveling the world while a resident on an all-inclusive, luxury floating community was, “Is this for real?!”

Fortunately for Mike and all our residents, the answer is an emphatic, “Yes!”

Mike grew up in Ohio and Michigan before packing his bags for the West Coast to pursue his law degree in Oregon. After graduation, he headed south to the Golden State of California, the Bay Area specifically, and has been an active, involved member of the Silicon Valley community ever since.

After 10 years of practicing aviation law (Mike is a licensed pilot, by the way), he left the firm and opened a new practice that specialized in mediation and dispute resolution.

As someone with a deep dedication to public service, Mike sat on his local city council and was even a two-time mayor, that’s why it’s no wonder that the community aspect of the Storylines lifestyle is something he says really appeals to him. He’s really looking forward to working with his fellow residents on board, by lending the skills he's honed as a legal professional and as an elected city official. He's also eager to learn from all of you, his new neighbors, in order to develop and evolve the Storylines experience for years to come.  

We’re lucky to have you, Mike, and welcome aboard!

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