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Storylines 'Meet Your Neighbors' - Misty & Dean (Global Citizens)

Posted by Tim Roberts on Jun 2, 2023 4:27:12 PM


It's our pleasure to welcome and introduce Misty and Dean, who are looking forward to setting sail for a life of adventure aboard MV Narrative. This lovely couple from Utah learned that they could live aboard a residential ship while on a Caribbean cruise. They were talking to another couple about how good it would be to live on the water, to which the other guest replied, "Oh, you can do just that." She sent Misty a link to the Storylines website; the rest, as they say, is history. 



“The world-schooling looks really neat. I read through that and thought 'if only this existed when I was a child'."

- Dean


Misty and Dean on a glacier in Calefate

Dean has an engineering background in software and hardware and is now an entrepreneur, running an engineering consulting company. Misty has been a CEO for several years across various industries and has recently transitioned to sitting on the board for education-related companies. As a result, Dean and Misty plan to continue their advisory roles remotely while living aboard MV Narrative.

They are excited about the scope of experience and resources available in the community and hope to pass down some of their own knowledge in any way they can.

"I'm actually really excited that there's a breadth of folks on the ship. I'm really excited about the diversity in the community."

- Misty

Misty and Dean at a waterfall in Costa RicaLike many others who are attracted to this lifestyle, Misty and Dean look forward to embracing a more minimalist lifestyle once they board the ship. They find the idea of bringing only what's needed instead of all the accouterments of life incredibly liberating. With less stuff, they can really focus on the experiences and create deeper connections within the community.


"I think experiences are what draw people together, and really create those really strong bonds. And having a lifestyle that facilitates, encourages and enables that... that's awesome"

 - Misty

Dean and Misty inside the Colosseum in Rome

Not ones to stick to the guidebook, the adventurous couple loves getting lost in new places and exploring by wandering off and discovering hidden gems in back alleys; remote places as part of the crazy experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. As such, a big draw for Dean and Misty is staying in port for multiple days so they can have time to properly discover what each destination has to offer. 

More than anything, they cannot wait to see the ship realized, stand on it and think that this is only the beginning; now let the voyage of global citizenship begin!

We are eagerly awaiting that day, too, Misty and Dean. Thank you for participating in Meet Your Neighbors.

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