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World's First Farm to Table Culinary Experience at Sea

Posted by Storylines Press Media on Sep 8, 2019 8:37:00 PM
Storylines Press Media

Talk about fresh food! Storylines' private residence ship to have the world's first onboard solar-powered hydroponic gardens for a farm-to-table (or 'ship-to-plate') culinary experience.

What else can you add to a sustainable ship to make it more like home? A fresh produce farm! Storylines is the first ship to have ship-to-plate food using some of the latest technologies in hydroponic food production. This enables portions of the menu and indeed whole dishes to be grown right onboard the cruise condo ship. The benefits are better quality and better-tasting food with a lower carbon footprint as food produced this way only travels a few feet, not thousands of miles.

"Vegetables that have been bred for consumption, not storage or transportation will naturally taste better"  ~ NYC Chef John Mooney

Check out this video about a New York City restaurant that has taken on the same process of producing food in-house.


The garden will radiate a warm UV type light into the surrounding areas as it will be encased in glass for residents of the ship to view the green space. Below is an extract from the AeroFarms website on the benefits of growing food in this manner.

"Fully-controlled agriculture means that we can control and perfect every aspect of the color, texture, nutrition and most importantly, flavor of the greens. We choose the most flavorful varietals of each green we grow and then we use data to make it taste even better. Our kale is sweeter. Our arugula is spicier. Our herbs are brighter. Top chefs agree that our greens have superior flavor, and we have 130,000 data points to prove it."

Consumer Benefits

  • Harvested at peak flavor
  • Locally grown
  • Pesticide free
  • Highly nutritious
  • Available all year round
  • Uses over 95% less water
  • Safe and transparent
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Promotes soil and land conservation

Food Service Benefits

  • Year-round availability
  • Consistent pricing
  • Longer shelf life
  • Less shrink
  • Safely grown
  • Wide variety
  • Hard-to-find and heirloom varieties
  • Customizable mixes

Topics: Health, Vessel, Experience, Sustainability

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