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Introducing Storylines' Sustainability Ambassador

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Jun 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The world's most sustainable condo ship

Storylines is happy to welcome B.C. Hunter, our new Sustainability Ambassador. Ms Hunter brings 19 years of experience with startups to the Storylines team. Her graduate degree work at Harvard University in Sustainability & the Environment focuses on assisting companies in devising their sustainability strategies. She consults on new venture projects with innovators that are creating the habitats and communities of the future.

“Partnering with a revolutionary brand such as Storylines which is committed to ambitious environmental solutions is a great honor. I strongly believe that responsible business practices will have a lasting positive impact on societies and the natural world. I’m thrilled to be working with the Storylines team who are in a unique position to influence industry-wide change.”

Ms Hunter’s work with Storylines focuses on delivering a sustainable lifestyle product by eschewing the status-quo and focusing on environmental preservation, resource conservation, social equity and responsible corporate governance. Her specific goals will include:

  1. Developing strategic plans in implementing carbon-free world travel;
  2. Researching innovative onboard systems that minimize environmental impact;
  3. Providing a supply chain of organic, sustainable products with minimal packaging and maximum life cycle assessment;
  4. Advising on efficient and effective waste reduction methodology.

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Topics: Principles, Corporate responsibility, Advisory, Team

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