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How to Stay Safe During a Pandemic?

Posted by Alister Punton on Apr 22, 2020 10:41:25 PM

There has been a lot of press lately on cruise ships and health during the epidemic. People are concerned for their safety and that of their families. Understandably, it is the most basic human need. 


Large pleasure ships, cruise ships, often contain 5000 guests, have large food buffets, and visit a new country every few days. The turnover of guests on a weekly basis is problematic. It's a constant battle against a tide of people, which certainly sounds appealing to a pandemic, as well as as to vacationers, and of course makes for great news stories when something goes wrong.

The new purpose-built Storylines ship could not be further from this image:

Population density & demographic - MV Narrative, a residential ship, holds a fraction of the population of a cruise ship of the same size. This means far more open spaces and more room per person. A high percentage of balconies (87%) adds to the clean fresh air aboard. Additionally, Storylines is a residential community, not a temporary tourist destination with thousands of new people mingling each week.

Self governance - Living in Storylines’ floating residential city means you have a voice - from only 1000 residents, not millions of citizens. You have a direct say in the decisions that protect your family, in a community able to react immediately to changing situations.

Mobility - With our modern highly interconnected world, it's apparent that the ability to disconnect is the fastest way to protect in times of crisis. Storylines MV Narrative can take us anywhere desired to escape local catastrophe, political instability, or localized health issues. Imagine the whole community self-isolating off the coast of Tahiti until it was safe to travel again.

Contamination - The prime source of travel belly sickness is the change in a travelers hand-washing routine when away from home. When you take your home around the world with you, your daily routine is no longer interrupted. With 20 individual restaurants included in the ‘all-inclusive’ monthly service fee and no buffets, eating aboard is as diverse and interesting as your local neighbourhood with open air dining options. 

Hygiene - A new standard in HEPA air filtration throughout, and ‘smart surfaces’ prevent person-to-person contamination, making for a pollutant-free environment. As clean and safe as a land-based home.

Reality check - Challenging times can get downright scary when our future is in the hands of politicians who need to be constantly re-elected. We can control our own destiny and that of our families by choosing the safest possible living accommodations. Storylines' state of the art air and surface purification systems make it an ultra sanitary community. 

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