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Storylines Residential Ship Accepted into UN ‘Global Compact’

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Feb 20, 2020 1:02:00 AM

The company is now aligned with the UN and the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative  

February 20, 2020. MIAMI. Storylines has been accepted into The United Nations Global Compact. The company has committed to implementing universal sustainability principles, guided by the UN. By incorporating the Global Compact into corporate strategies, policies, and procedures, Storylines will have a greater impact on people and the planet while upholding a culture of integrity. 

Ms. Sanda Ojiambo, Global Compact CEO was quoted as saying, “The UN Global Compact recognizes we must unite companies in the business of a better world and engage all their employees in our mission to drive corporate sustainability and achieve the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).” 

The Global Compact’s core principles of human rights, fair labor, environmental sustainability, and anti-corruption are highly aligned with Storylines founding principles of global citizenship. These include a lifestyle of discovery, contributing more and taking less, philanthropy & sustainability, taking part in local cultures, and doing positive things in the world as a conscientious community.  

“We are thrilled to be supporting the UN Global Compact on its corporate sustainability mission. Our ship MV Narrative is primarily powered by green LNG, we have a fair-trade global supply chain, extensive ‘green’ initiatives and revolutionary working conditions for our crew. With a 5,400sq ft hydroponic garden, onboard zero-waste market, and farm-to-table restaurant, Storylines is breaking away from the ailing reputation of the cruise industry. We are forging an ambitious new path dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the places we visit and giving back to humanity,” said Storylines Sustainability Ambassador, Ms. Hunter. 

Storylines is committed to fair treatment of a diverse crew, good working and living conditions, and fair wages. The company is creating corporate targets for women in leadership positions as part of the UN ‘Target Gender Equality’ program and is focusing on long-term commitments to communities and conservation. Annual corporate sustainability reports will be submitted to the UN and published on Storylines.com.  


About Storylines MV Narrative 

Live global. Be local. The wonders of the world await. MV Narrative is home to residences at sea so homeowners can bring their home with them around the world. It is a life of spontaneity, passion and discovery every day of the year with the convenience of returning every night to the familiar surroundings of home.  

A continuous global itinerary with a leisurely 3-5 days in the most engaging ports ensures time to explore and experience local cultures. The ship is attracting owners who are citizens of the world participating in global experiences. They are committed to contributing more and consuming less, preserving resources and living a sustainable life at sea.   

The community enjoys five-star all-inclusive services and plenty of adventures. Multicultural restaurants, fitness classes, waterfront marina, ever-changing waterfront views, laundry, room service, housekeeping and more are all included.  

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