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Storylines Launches Website for Globally Traveling School

Posted by Tim Roberts on Feb 8, 2024 3:06:53 PM

Worldschooling.EducationMiami February 2024

Storylines, private residences at sea, has launched a new website for its unique globally traveling accredited school, officially named Storylines Global Academy. The residential community of global citizens onboard the MV Narrative, a continuously circumnavigating residential ship, includes families who will be among the first to experience the groundbreaking educational model and the world's first-of-its-kind floating school.

The newly launched website expands on the eight core pillars of Storylines Global Academy’s educational philosophy as well as offering an inside look at student life, academics, and admissions information:


Academics - exploring the different facets of the educational programs, including global education, collaborative learning, field excursions and independent study.


Student Life - a walkthrough of what students can expect through athletics, clubs, workshops, mentorship, and support programs.


Admissions - information on how to apply and an introduction to the boarding program available to non-resident high school students.

A child who experiences Storylines’ personalized education model will leave the program multilingual with the ability to play musical instruments, and they will have a vast array of friends from all over the globe after having traveled around the world multiple times. They’ll also have mentors from diverse backgrounds who are all highly successful in their chosen fields. Our students will leave with an investment strategy to set them up for success and a passive income that allows them to focus on the important things in life such as contributing to making the world a better place. Success will organically develop in all aspects of their life when they live this incredibly unique lifestyle every day.   

~Alister Punton, Storylines CEO


Storylines Global Academy adopts an innovative approach to education, emphasizing interest-based learning and an experiential, competency-driven model. By focusing on real-world learning, the academy prepares students for success beyond the classroom, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's interconnected world.


Passionate about giving back, Storylines Global Academy provides children with engaging philanthropic opportunities in the communities that the ship visits. The academy will welcome families with students ranging from grades K-12. 


In addition to the educational curriculum on board the ship, students within Storylines Global Academy will have the opportunity to experience field trips such as studying ancient history at the pyramids in Giza, medieval history at the Colosseum in Rome, literary history at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, archaeology at the moai (carved human figures) on Easter Island and marine biology at the Great Barrier Reef.   


For more information about Storylines Global Academy, please visit school.storylines.com or view our brochure here.


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Rachel Maher, REM Public Relations



About Storylines

Storylines is creating an environmentally sustainable residential community on a continuously circumnavigating ship. It is a unique way of life that attracts adventure seekers looking for immersive cultural experiences on a global scale. World travelers now have the ability to live out their passion for exploration while still maintaining work, family, and home life. Owners of the luxury residences onboard the vessel can travel the world from the comfort of home. As conscientious global citizens, the ship's residents give back to local communities and experiential learning is integrated into curated itineraries and immersive shore excursions.

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