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Employees to be Rewarded on a Day that Doesn’t Usually Exist

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Feb 28, 2024 10:56:45 PM

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Storylines Acknowledges Leap Day as an Employee Appreciation Day


Every four years, February 29th silently passes by, often overlooked in the corporate world. For Storylines at Sea, creators of the world's first sustainable private residence ship, Leap Day is about to become a remarkable occasion for their dedicated team. Departing from the norm, the company has chosen to reward its loyal employees with a well-deserved long weekend and a stipend to embark on a unique adventure. This groundbreaking initiative not only recognizes their hard work but also addresses the often-unseen reality of salaried employees working on Leap Day without additional compensation.



Storylines at Sea challenges this tradition by acknowledging and appreciating their workforce's commitment. The company places a high value on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, understanding that true appreciation extends beyond the boundaries of a regular paycheck. “We’re offering a four-day weekend off work and a stipend to encourage our employees to explore new horizons, embrace adventures, and indulge in experiences they might not have considered otherwise,” explained Storylines CEO Alister Punton. “This initiative acts as both a morale booster and a means to foster a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among the Storylines family.”


The 'bonus day' concept aligns seamlessly with the company's corporate sustainability values including innovation, employee satisfaction, and a forward-thinking global remote workplace approach. By rewarding employees for the day that never was, Storylines at Sea seeks to redefine the traditional employer-employee relationship, acknowledging the importance of time and experiences outside the workplace. The decision reflects the company's commitment to a progressive work culture that values personal growth and rejuvenation.


As pioneers in the private residence ship industry, Storylines recognizes the importance of staying ahead in maritime innovation and employee satisfaction. By investing in the well-being of its workforce, the company aims to sustain a positive work environment that goes beyond the ordinary, where creativity and productivity flourish.


“As Leap Day approaches, we’re anticipating stories of adventures, discoveries, and personal growth that our employees will share after embracing the unique opportunity presented by the 'bonus day'," Punton said. "Through this initiative, Storylines acknowledges our valued team members and shows how businesses can prioritize employee welfare in innovative and meaningful ways."


About Storylines

Storylines is creating an environmentally sustainable residential community on a continuously circumnavigating ship. It is a unique way of life that attracts adventure seekers looking for immersive cultural experiences on a global scale. World travelers now have the ability to live out their passion for exploration while still maintaining work, family, and home life. Owners of the luxury residences onboard the vessel can travel the world from the comfort of home. As conscientious global citizens, the ship's residents give back to local communities and experiential learning is integrated into curated itineraries and immersive shore excursions.


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