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Storylines and IndySchool to Develop the World’s First Globally Traveling School

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Apr 10, 2023 7:52:35 PM

The private residence ship has engaged the educational consultant firm to create a first-of-its-kind accredited school for youth onboard


Worldschooling family at the ColosseumAPRIL 2023

Storylines’ private school aboard its ship MV Narrative will utilize the vessel’s ports of call as authentic learning experiences and opportunities for students to learn conversational languages, international cultures and world history. Offering a program that is flexible and nimble will be central to the experience to allow the children residing aboard to continue their learning even when they are not on the ship. As an accredited school, the students will be able to attend classes and earn credits.

“I am thrilled to partner with Storylines to help them create a truly global education for children. The future of education is here, and Storylines’ school at sea will employ the latest technologies and pedagogy. Together we will foster an educational environment where students learn, grow and thrive.”

-Tim Viands, IndySchool Consultancy

Storylines provides an attractive option for remote working families with children who are interested in worldschooling and international travel. The residential ship will have high-speed WiFi, dedicated workspaces and conference rooms; revolutionizing ‘working from home’ to ‘working from sea’.

“Storylines is pleased to be working with IndySchool Consultancy to create the world’s first globally traveling accredited school. Having a home aboard our inaugural residential ship MV Narrative guarantees exclusive access to this groundbreaking youth education model in which students learn anywhere and everywhere around the world.”  

-Alister Punton, Storylines Global, Inc.

The school is tentatively scheduled to open in 2025, when the ship embarks. Circumnavigating the world every three years, students will travel the world and immerse themselves in the culture, history and language of every port. Central to Storylines’ philosophy of doing good, the onboard school will also teach the students to develop, collaborate on, and implement service projects across the world.


About Storylines

Storylines is creating an environmentally sustainable residential community on a continuously circumnavigating ship. It is a unique way of life that attracts adventure seekers looking for immersive cultural experiences on a global scale. World travelers now have the ability to live out their passion for exploration while still maintaining work, family, and home life. Owners of the luxury residences onboard the vessel can travel the world from the comfort of home. As conscientious global citizens, the ship's residents give back to local communities and experiential learning is integrated into curated itineraries and immersive shore excursions.


About IndySchool

IndySchool Consultancy is reimagining independent schools and educational organizations by providing counsel to make their schools, their people and their processes flexible, adaptive and agile. The firm creates strategic plans tailored to meet the unique needs of a school to help move toward its goals. This is achieved through a delicate balance of respecting history and tradition while envisioning the future and focusing on long-term growth and sustainability.

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