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Let the Adventure Sports Begin

Posted by Patricia Cabansay on Jul 27, 2021 12:50:56 AM

While some people enjoy relaxing and love to watch the world from afar, others are in constant search for daring adventures, exotic destinations and thrilling experiences. Storylines residential ship is attracting people from all walks of life who love to live in the moment.Man paddling dugout canoe on around the world adventure Some of the more adventurous among us are looking forward to adventure sports. These include adrenaline inducing watersports such as whitewater kayaking, shipwreck free-diving, or braving 15 minutes in an underwater cage with saltwater crocodiles! Others will be experiencing some thrilling adventures in the air such as paragliding, skydiving and hang gliding. Many of us will be down to earth and seeking adventure on land. Where are you planning on canyoneering and coasteering? Have you tried volcano boarding? 
Man and woman snowshoeing in the mountains


On Storylines MV Narrative, your home takes you to your next escapade. Adventure starts the moment you wake up and look out the window. You now have access to the most breathtaking adventures right at your doorstep! This life is available for you everyday with Storylines. 

We know that having an adventurous soul can’t be tamed with going places a few days or weeks at a time. That’s why Storylines provides you with a unique lifestyle, not a vacation. Say goodbye to jet lag and stressful logistics. Your life of adventure includes exotic exploration such as kayaking down the Amazon River, hiking through the Forest of Knives in Madagascar and hot air ballooning in Burma.


Take the road less traveled and do it at your own pace. Go off-roading to see the wildlife in Botswana, go trekking through the natural reservation lands in Cuba, or step into a different world with snow-shrouded landscapes while nordic skiing in Lapland. Wherever in the world you may find yourself, you have your own choice of adventurous activities. Be a true global citizen and enjoy the adventure aboard your own private residence at sea.


Experience it all...flyboarding, rock climbing, rafting. Prepare your adrenaline-filled bucket list now because with Storylines, you’re not just in for the adventure of a lifetime - you’re in for a lifetime of adventures.


Join us on board and get to know our community of global citizens. Your neighbor might not be looking for an adrenaline rush, but instead in search of exotic cuisines or iconic artworks. Everyone is different but one thing ties us together -- our love for discovery. We look forward to adventuring with you. 

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