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Art Around the World: How to Travel with an Artist's Eye

Posted by Patricia Cabansay on Oct 27, 2021 3:59:18 PM

Young woman painting in plant-filled room.Some say that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, yet there are certain artworks around the world that capture all of our hearts and take our breath away.

Art Around the World

Whether it be Renaissance, Romanticism, or Modern; art is everywhere we go. We see it expressed through music, sculpture and architecture. Some art is so iconic that we travel the world to see it with our own eyes. Such art enthusiasts are drawn to the Storylines community as they venture to some of the best places for travel including the most legendary art destinations across the globe.


Wander in the Museum

Imagine taking a stroll through the most iconic museums in the world to view the timeless classics. Feel the Mona Lisa’s eyes follow you as you take in Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece at Le Louvre. Bring out your inner Brendan Fraser (seriously, whatever happened to him?) when you experience the complete collection of Egyptian art (including petroglyphs and a mummy room) at The Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Combine famed artworks and the rich history of ancient Greece while walking among the intricate sculptures inside the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Now, brace your eyes for the bursts of color of Barcelona. Home to Pablo Picasso, follow his journey as his art style progresses during different periods of his life at the Picasso Museum, where you can see over 4,000 time-honored artworks.

Woman sitting in a museum viewing timeless classic oil paintings.

Watch a Performance

Prefer live art? Why not enjoy a play at the world renowned Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London? You can invite some of your newfound shipmates along to watch classic plays written by the legend himself. Or to experience the pinnacle of ballet performance, you must attend the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Looking for something completely different? Then the Kabuki-za Theater in Tokyo might be right up your artistic alley. Here you can watch their most famous form of theater, kabuki, a fascinating 3-4 hour performance rich in Japanese culture featuring elaborate costumes and makeup. 

Live performance of a ballet in theater

Look Through the Lens of Architecture

However, nothing defines a place more than its architecture. Think of the iconic Taj Mahal of India, the Roman Colosseum in Italy, or the sacred Dome of the Rock in Israel. All these immortal buildings not only represent the creativity of the local artisans but also capture the rich history and culture.

Taj Mahal at sunset as seen while traveling the world

Our Pick for Most Inspirational Destination: Italy

For those looking for inspiration, the Vatican in Italy is not just a place of faith, but is home to some of the most treasured art collections in history. Did you know that the Vatican’s museum houses artworks from the Middle Ages to the 19th century that still speak to us today? When in Rome, be sure to experience the smell inside the Sistine Chapel while marveling at Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Creation of Adam; one of the most replicated religious paintings in the world. Note that this is only a portion of the much larger painting on the chapel’s ceiling that took four years before completion! If you head to Florence (an entire city that could be considered a work of art), you can see another Renaissance treasure up close; the Statue of David at the Galleria dell’Accademia.


Wake Up to New Art Destinations all Around the World

No matter your taste, Storylines residential ship helps you cross off your art bucket list. We quite literally deliver you to new and exciting destinations that are brimming with inspiration. And if the old-world craftsmanship awakens your own inner-Michelangelo, you can flex your creative muscle in our resident art studio, jam with your own music in the sound recording studio, or simply read up on the architectural marvels you’re heading to in our world-class library. These amenities and more are inside our continuously circumnavigating home. Your home. Your story. Your masterpiece?

Discover it all when you join us on board for the adventure of your lifetime. Get to know your fellow community of global citizens, and while your new neighbor might not share your love of art galleries and is instead searching for an adrenaline rush, one thing ties all of us at Storylines together - our love of exploration. With a travel adventure lifestyle, the world is your canvas! The question is, are you ready to paint it?


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