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Expat Travel: Living at Sea

Posted by Tabitha Jules on Oct 12, 2021 10:39:00 PM

Expat living on a yacht anchored in a Mediterranean cove with crystal clear azure waters

In the age of remote work there is a growing expatriate community due to more people than ever before having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. The expat lifestyle is full of exciting opportunities to travel, so why choose just one place to live? What if you could bring your home with you while you travel around the world? That is exactly what more expats are doing by choosing to live at sea.

Until now, most expats living at sea have been on sailboats and yachts. Another option that is growing in popularity among expats is living aboard residential ships. After all, the best places for US expats are, well, everywhere your vessel takes you. When working remotely, living at sea allows expats to continue having worldly adventures and cultural immersion while enjoying these three key benefits:


1. Travel Lifestyle


Many expats seek a life abroad for the abundant opportunities for travel. By living aboard a private residence ship, expats can still get the benefits of travel while enjoying the conveniences of home. With Storylines residential ship, expats get a taste of life across six continents with an epic 1,000-day maiden voyage itinerary that circumnavigates the globe. With several days in most ports, the owner residents onboard get ample time to explore, engage, and feel at home as part of a traveling expat community. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Moreover, residents of liveaboard ships have a say; a voice. As such, we at Storylines give the utmost importance to our residents’ thoughts and opinions when crafting the ultimate global travel itinerary.



2. Easy access to quality and affordable medical care

Mother with girl being examined by female pediatrician in clinic

Any useful guides on ‘how to become an expat’ will tell you that considering health and wellness options available overseas is essential while living abroad. Besides merely looking at the healthcare and prescription costs in the countries you are visiting, finding a competent doctor who understands your needs can be challenging. 

One of the great draw cards for expats choosing to live at sea is the easy access to medical facilities, staffing and services onboard a residential ship. Having the peace of mind that you can receive first-class medical care no matter where you are in the world is both reassuring and comforting throughout your journey.

On Storylines MV Narrative, all medical personnel meet or exceed American College of Emergency Physicians standards. In addition, there is always access to the services of international doctors in the countries where we travel. The specialists that Storylines works with provide the same level of care as the US but at lower costs. Additionally, prescription medications around the world are more affordable than most Western countries. 

It’s easy to see the appeal here. When living on board a private residence ship, expats can experience countless countries around the world knowing they have 24/7 access to the expert shipboard medical staff in addition to the cost saving benefits that come with medical tourism and the expertise of specialist doctors around the world.


3. Diverse expat-friendly community  

gizah pyramids in Egypt near Cairo at sunset

It’s no secret that connecting with like-minded individuals improves the success of your long term travel lifestyle. Whether you wish to travel solo or with your family, you will always have a positive support network on board, as you share priceless moments with an expat community that understands and shares your adventurous life. 

Be it liveaboard residents or locals in the communities you are visiting, you’ll be sure to meet a diverse mix of people who are also engaging in the exchange of knowledge and broadening perspectives of the world.

Perhaps Suzanne, a Storylines resident from California, sums it up best:

"The biggest fear I have as a single woman is losing that sense of community that drives our lives. It gives us meaning and purpose and good health. These ‘blue zones’ in the world where people live a long time have a ‘village’, a group of people that you are close to, which increases longevity. It's vital. It's essential for mental health. Humans have always been a safety net for each other. The light of the human spirit will always find a way to burn brightly. People are finding clever ways to nurture community, and I have found mine in Storylines."


4.Offshore tax advantages  

Expat working while on vacation in Mediterranean

Offshore tax breaks aren't always dodgy. There are legitimate tax advantages for those living and working abroad. For example, non-US or Eritrean residents living on board the ship full time can claim “non-resident” status for tax purposes. 

If you are a US citizen you are taxed on your worldwide income. However, you may qualify to exclude from income up to $102,100 of your foreign earnings. In addition, you can exclude or deduct certain foreign housing amounts.

There are also potential tax deductions to consider from working from home (your floating home) or in our business center.


Residential Ships

Storylines MV Narrative circumnavigating the world during sunset

It’s easy to see why private residence ships are becoming increasingly popular. And the lifestyle is not just attracting expats who live on sailboats and private yachts, but landlubbers, too. The whole idea behind this unique travel lifestyle can be summarized in one sentence:

Why not bring your home and community with you while you travel around the world?

Sounds good to us! It’s no wonder more expats are investing in apartments on residential ships. The Storylines global community is made up of a mix of:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Families
  • Early retirees
  • Remote workers

If you too are curious about joining the expat community of global citizens aboard Storylines, be sure to check out which residences are still available for purchase .

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