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Working Remotely while Living Aboard a Ship and Traveling the World

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Feb 28, 2021 5:45:00 AM
With more people than ever before having the freedom to work remotely, demand for residences on ships circumnavigating the globe is at an all time high. Storylines' diverse residential community includes freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads who will be living and working on board.


With the flexibility to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, these professionals of all ages are embracing the opportunity to reimagine what a life well lived can look like. They want to see the world, experience other cultures, expose their families to a global education and be true citizens of the world while continuing their business endeavors and enjoying offshore tax benefits.

Condo Ship Resident Lounge
"I've set up my business to be able to work from anywhere in the world," said Mark from England. "I need a dedicated space where I can concentrate and host meetings, and the business centre and library will accommodate those needs so that I can continue doing what I love while seeing the world."

The business center has a prime location on foredeck 10, directly adjacent to the observation lounge, with floor to ceiling wraparound windows and dramatic views. It features shared workspaces, quiet areas and small meeting spaces. "Our resident business owners can enjoy the breathtaking destination or the passing scenery, even while working," said sales director Irina Strembitsky.

The fastest ship-based wireless internet service available is accessible throughout the ship. Data access points are also available in each residence and in the business center for wired connections. Printing, shredding and tech support is available to assist with business needs. There are many other places on the ship to set up a laptop and get to work as well, with 45 resident lounges including a plush 10,000 volume library.

Condo Ship Library"We created a life vision to live a 'resort lifestyle' and to travel the world while helping people live the life of their dreams," said future residents Matt & Linda. "In 2019 we moved our business online and sold everything we had. We look forward to experiencing new cultures and finding ways to give back to our world. We will continue our business onboard and find a beautiful new life balance between experiences and contribution."

Condo ship resident lounge work space

Banking services are also available onboard including currency exchange, personal and business banking. Residents and businesses on board can receive mail digitally or by express post.


Whether you manage an e-commerce business, blog about travel, or work remotely, your new home at sea provides you with a full compliment of resources and uninterrupted access to the world. Through cutting-edge digital technology and your choice of 45 resident lounges, including an open plan workplace, you'll get your work in before it's time to play! 


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