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Global Travel as a Lifestyle

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Jul 13, 2021 12:13:58 AM

Man with a traveling lifestyle wading in the water in the Philippines with dhow boatsMore people than ever before are finding themselves working and studying remotely. They are no longer tied to an office or school. Digital nomads, homeschoolers, RVers, liveaboard sailors and retirees have long been aware of this incredible freedom and are happy to share the news:  the full time travel lifestyle is now accessible to those who seize the moment. 


Now that we are nearing the end of a pandemic, we’ve all had time to make peace with what “home” means to us, and we’ve had plenty of time to make our homes our sanctuary. We’ve had time for solace and reflection. We've had time to seek out the greatest road trips close to home. The more adventurous among us are now asking; “What’s next? How can we take advantage of this precious opportunity? How can we make more of our lives with this newfound freedom? How can we expand our minds and our life experiences?” 


We are ready to get back into the World and experience it wholeheartedly. But in a different way. In a safer way. In a comfortable way that feels like the sanctuary of home. In a way that allows us to continue to do our work and our studies while placing a higher priority on having a full and adventurous life. 
Person with a travel lifestyle sitting on the bow of a wooden boat taking a photograph of the mountains in the background


In the past, traveling most often involved moving from hotel to hotel while living out of a suitcase. That’s too risky now - we want our own safe space. In the past, we dealt with flight after flight, rushing around trying to see it all. That’s obsolete now  - we want a more immersive experience since we don’t need to rush back to the office after 14 days. In retrospect, the world cruisers had it figured out all along. They could unpack once and sleep in the same comfortable bed night after night while waking up in a new port every day for up to 180 days at a time. Covid times exposed the short-term-vacation style of cruising for its vulnerabilities due to the turnover of thousands of people week after week. But the reality is that the around the world cruisers remained entirely safe. 


Storylines is re-inventing the long term travel lifestyle and it's attracting more than just cruisers. When Covid hit, Storylines was in a unique ‘drawing board’ position to have its naval architects easily incorporate all the safety and hygiene features needed to safeguard future residents’ health. The ship's residences had already been designed with long-term living in mind, including essential comforts for living aboard that ‘around the world’ vacation cruises can’t offer. With resident kitchens, a plethora of thoughtful storage solutions, pets allowed, days in exotic ports around the world, and a growing like-minded community; Storylines offers a long-term travel lifestyle with all the comforts of home. 
Mother and son with travel lifestyle walking in Europe looking at a paper map and sightseeing


Stay tuned for more of our 'Meet Your Neighbor' series as we highlight the various ways that people are making a travel lifestyle their reality. From digital nomads, to home educating families, to liveaboard sailors and early retirees; we are interviewing future residents of Storylines MV Narrative who can proudly proclaim that there truly is “no place like home”.  

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