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Introducing the First Ever Zero-waste Farmers Market at Sea

Posted by B.C. Hunter on Jun 16, 2020 10:00:00 AM

There are many ways Storylines is addressing the issue of waste on our private residence ship MV Narrative. One of the Sustainability Initiatives that we are particularly excited about is our onboard ship store - the world's first zero-waste farmers market at sea!

Organic produce grown on board available at the ship's farmer's market

In this unique store, residents and guests can shop for produce grown onboard without pesticides, such as salad greens, vine-grown vegetables and strawberries. The market stocks deli items prepared fresh onboard with organic ingredients such as hummus and dips, soup, tortilla chips and crisps, bread, pesto, sauces, yogurt, crackers, pickles and condiments. All of these are packaged in washable, reusable containers. Some of the deli items including cheese, liquor and local delicacies are sourced from the communities we visit.

Condo ship Zero-Waste Market Deli

Residents can find dry bulk refill stations for kitchen staples like nuts, chocolate, pretzels, rice, pasta, oats, cereal, beans, grains, sweeteners, spices, flour, dried fruit, tea and coffee. Our supply chain includes goods that are organic and fair trade whenever possible. In the bulk liquids section, we’ll be able to refill our reusable containers with honey, syrup, oil, vinegar and beverages such as dairy, non-dairy, iced tea, juice, soda, beer and wine.

Sustainable cruise ship onboard market

We won’t have much cleaning to do with the housekeeping staff on call but every residence needs some basic supplies such as dish soap, sponges, laundry soap, kitchen roll and dish towels. Our market is unique in that it stocks only items that are biodegradable and compostable (with the exception of metals). The dish and laundry soap do not come in plastic bottles and are completely safe for marine environments. The sponges are made from natural fibers and can be composted. The kitchen roll is washable. With everything made only from natural materials, everything can return to nature at the end of its life cycle leaving zero waste.

Non-toxic, no single-use plastics, biodegradable market

Personal care products can also be found in the ship’s market. The bulk liquids section has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, shaving cream and hand soap along with refillable containers available for purchase. Razors are metal, not plastic. Dental floss comes in a reusable glass jar. Combs and brushes are made of wood and natural bristles. Facial rounds are washable. The unique ‘beauty bar’ has a selection of all-natural raw ingredients for making bath, beauty and fragrance products. Workshops demonstrate how to make things such as shower oil, salt scrubs, lip balm, perfume and hair styling cream.

Condo ship market features natural beauty products

Clothing, shoes, gifts and cosmetics are sourced from ethical companies with responsible corporate sustainability protocols that include taking good care of their employees. These manufacturers make natural products with a long life cycle and are committed to using minimal packaging. We source high-quality, chemical-free products that can be reused for many years.

Farmer's market onboard a condo ship

Our onboard farmers market is just one way that Storylines is doing its part to care for the seas on which it sails. We are grateful to be partnering with a mindful community as part of that journey. Sourcing safe, natural, non-toxic supplies and ingredients is important not only for the natural environment but also for the health of our community. Our goal is to provide a healthy environment for our residents and crew, from the Clean Air, Surface & Water Program, to the preventative wellness team, to the organic solar-powered hydroponic garden and the farm to table restaurant. Every choice matters. See you on board!


Topics: Principles, Corporate responsibility, Sustainability

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