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Medical Insurance for International Travel via Private Residence Ship

Posted by Erik Fabregat on Apr 30, 2021 3:06:34 PM

With the help and guidance of our medical director, Dr. Brian Martin with over 25 years of expertise in numerous medical fields, Storylines has arrived at two health insurance products distinctly suited for our unique global travel lifestyle. After a thorough, data-driven search, we are happy to propose one policy to cover our US residents traveling abroad and another policy for our non-US residents traveling away from their home countries.

Comparitive Health Costs

*Photo credit Health Care Cost Institute


We’ve received many inquiries from our US residents on whether their Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans will be accepted on board. According to travel.state.gov, these plans are valid as long as the insured is no more than six hours away from the coast of the continental United States or its territories. When further abroad, it's important to consider the lower costs of healthcare and prescriptions in other countries when deciding what is actually necessary in an insurance plan.

PrescriptionPrices*Photo credit DrugWatch.com

We would also like to share comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked medical and insurance questions we have been receiving and, in case you missed it, a Q&A video interview with Dr. Martin, in which he answers residents' questions. 


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