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Meet Your Neighbors: Linda (Travel Advisor)

Posted by Tim Roberts on Jul 19, 2023 11:31:32 PM

It's always fascinating to meet a Storylines future resident who has chosen to live this extraordinary global lifestyle at sea traveling around the world. It never ceases to amaze us the breadth of experience, talent and interesting people getting on board. Linda was an early adopter of Storylines with a future home on MV Narrative residential ship. We managed to catch up with her between trips of her globe-trotting lifestyle. We don't say that lightly. We get plenty of world travelers on the Meet Your Neighbors series, but Linda takes it to a whole other level, having visited an impressive 157 countries and 48 cruises! 

Linda the lifelong learner in Alaska on bear expedition

There's a reason for Linda's vast travel experience: her work as an adventure travel advisor. What an excellent asset to our community of global citizens. Suppose you need advice on how to take an adventure tour, such as seeing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat...Linda can recommend the easiest, best and most economical options for you. After all, she is planning on seeing the mountain gorillas herself this year!


"I recommend safaris for adventure travel. I go to Africa about twice a year. I only have two grandchildren and they both live in Africa so that's the main reason I go but I always try and tag on a safari or another country  so, I've been all over Africa."

~ Linda


Grandmother hugging two granddaughters

Within Linda's penchant for adventure travel is her passion for wildlife, having completed multiple African safaris as well as North American bear and Arctic polar bear expeditions. She loves seeing animals in their natural environment and learning about their behaviors from expert guides. Linda also thrives on seeing exotic new places and taking time to learn about the local cultures, which aligns perfectly with Storylines guiding principles

"I like seeing exotic new places, where there are new cultures. I love learning about the cultures."

~ Linda

Woman traveling the world and visiting ScandinaviaEven though Linda has seen so many countries, including every European country and the Caribbean (minus Cuba), she still knows there's so much more to see. Some of the destinations she's looking forward to are Cuba, Greenland, Tahiti, Fiji, The Maldives and Seychelles. 

With Storylines MV Narrative spending roughly three months in each region, including the South Pacific, Linda will most definitely be able to tick off several more bucket-list items and raise her country count even higher. Who knows, maybe she will visit every country in the world! 

If you are looking for some expert travel advice, be sure to contact Linda at Bucket List Travel Consulting.  

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