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Meet Your Neighbors - Martin & Melissa (Philanthropists)

Posted by Tim Roberts on Aug 28, 2023 1:24:24 PM



Today we are happy to introduce Martin and Melissa, from beautiful Port Stephens in New South Wales, Australia. Like many other future residents of the private residential ship MV Narrative, as soon as Martin and Melissa saw the concept, they just "got it," and within a week they had placed a deposit to reserve a residence onboard. 


Day 6 Rio 102

"It's allowed us to buy an apartment on a ship. Most people just roll their eyes back in total amazement when we talk about Narrative and what sort of life it's going to offer for people living on it.

~ Martin 

Martin Buggy and Melissa Edyvean Bondi Chai co-foundersMelissa and Martin are business owners and co-founders of Bondi Chai, Australia's best chai latte. It all started with a trip to the USA where they discovered chai tea. The entrepreneurial couple put their skills of running a marketing business into food production and introduced chai latte to Australians. Twenty years later, Bondi Chai continues to grow strongly and has earned a reputation as the gold standard of chai latte in Australia. The couple has also expanded the business into Europe and China, with the United States next on their radar.

"When you're in your cabin wondering what you're going to do today, and there are so many amazing options to consider; as opposed to here where you're wondering, 'oh I better go and mow the lawn...better do the washing'...you know, all the mundane stuff. When all that's taken out of your life; it will be interesting for some people to see how they react when they've got nothing but fun to have."

~ Martin

Mrtin and Mellisa, residents of Storylines residential cruise ship, on a boat tour in Birchs Creek TasmaniaMartin and Melissa look forward to meeting more like-minded global citizens after having already met a few on the curated trip to Andalucía Spain, including Dr. John and Austin. Travel has long been a passion for the couple and when these entrepreneurs aren't busy running their business, they are exploring new destinations around the world. They especially look forward to having all their household chores done for them, leaving more time on their hands to explore and focus on giving back.


"Obviously, (the ship attracts) people who want to live in a traveling apartment, so you're going to find a lot of like-minded people. We're looking forward to that as well."
~ Melissa

Martin with African kidsAs part of their travel lifestyle, Martin and Melissa are passionate philanthropists, participating in charity events and giving back to the local communities they visit. This was a major draw for the couple in purchasing a home aboard MV Narrative. Something they look forward to most is getting involved in local communities and helping out along the way. 

Martin is especially intrigued by the traveling families onboard and how the resident children will be educated in the best way possible through world schooling. They are both proud to be a part of a floating village combining an active lifestyle, exploration, connecting and philanthropy.

Thanks for your time Martin and Melissa, we think you'll fit in just fine! 







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