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Self service bar and micro brewery

Posted by Alister Punton on Sep 8, 2019 1:58:44 PM


Help yourself and get involved in the making of the craft beers onboard


Ever wanted to know how the good beers are made? Well onboard our Storylines cruise condo ship you will get to know this. As the ship wanders the globe we will take on new localized ingredients specific to the region we are in at the time, so when we are in an area the beer you will be drinking will not only come from the local area, but will be made by you.

Of course there is the master brewer to take the helm on this so there will not be anything to stress about. The fun will be in your adventures in sourcing the raw ingredients as part of our curation team. These Curation teams will be self elected residents whose role will be to go ahead of the ship to find these and other amazing things for the benefit of the whole community onboard.

Don't want to get involved - no problems, sit back and relax. The choice is yours, always.

Sometimes its nice to just do things yourself, and as this is your ship, you have that opportunity. Check out the render above, the gentleman pouring the beer is a guest NOT crew, we are creating an 'at home' experience in everything we do, but of course there are the usual crew ready to wait on your every need, we give you the choice. If doing things yourself is what home life and now your cruise ship life, than be sure to check out our page on private and curated dining .

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